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1 Fun Way I’m Meeting Mom Friends in My New City

Mom friends are so hard to make, especially when you’ve moved to a new (very big) city. If you’re new to my blog, my husband, children and I moved to the Charlotte, North Carolina area back in September of 2022. Since then we’ve settled into a routine. But one thing has been missing for me: Mom friends. So I took a crazy leap of faith and put myself out there in a very awkward, very fun way.

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Make a Mom Friends “Ad”

So just this past week I totally put a Mom friends “ad” out there in the Facebook world. No, I didn’t pay for an actual ad. I was sitting on my couch one afternoon when I grabbed my phone, headed over to my local Mom’s group, and started typing away. My “ad” read as follows:

Hey! So I’m just going to go on and put this out there…

ISO Mom friends. I’m a 35 yo SAHM and blogger living in ————, married, with two girls (8 & 5). We moved here from Maryland in September, and while I’ve met some awesome people, I still haven’t socialized much. Must love eating, coffee and the occasional alcoholic beverage. I don’t go to church (nothing against it, just don’t go), but have a kind and sweet old soul. I’m kind of reserved and quiet, but once I’m comfortable enough with someone I can definitely be more outspoken. I’ve been a SAHM for so long that I’ve kinda forgotten what I like to do for fun 😂

I feel like I’m writing a single ad 😂😂 But I still haven’t quite figured out how to get out and meet people in such a large area.”

-Meg Flint, Facebook Mom friend “ad”

Yes, I really wrote that and put it in a private Mom’s group on Facebook. What I wasn’t expecting was what happened next.

1 Fun Way I'm Meeting Mom Friends in My New City
My Mom friends “ad”

Let’s Be Friends

I got so many responses from other mothers saying “Let’s be friends!” I know there are a lot of people in the Charlotte area, but I wasn’t expecting THAT many Moms to respond. At the current moment my post has 137 responses. Some posts are from the same users, so it’s not 137 different people responding. But still! There are so many Moms out there that want to make friends. And so many Moms are saying the same thing…that it’s hard to make Mom friends.

I was so overwhelmed and inspired by the amount of support and responses that I got on my “ad.” So many Moms gave me kudos for putting myself out there, while others said they wished they had done the same thing sooner. The other cool thing? There were so many different types of Moms! Homeschool Moms, older Moms, single Moms, etc. The list literally went on and on.

The Trouble with Making Mom Friends

The trouble with making Mom friends isn’t that there aren’t enough Moms out there. I think the trouble with making Mom friends lies in the fact that us mothers are so busy and over inundated with life that we often forget to make time for ourselves. And when we do have time to spare, we usually want to spend it alone, enjoying the silence and the pure joy of not being bothered for more than a minute at a time. I truly think we WANT to make friends, but friendship unfortunately gets swept under the rug where it’s out of sight.

I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing ladies since moving here to North Carolina. But I’ve never made it my priority to make some legit friends. That changes today. In fact, I met one really cool Mom today. I can totally see us being friends. So Moms, put yourselves out there. Don’t worry about feeling weird or awkward. Chances are the other Moms feel that way, too. In fact, I know they do because so many of them said so on my post.

So Mamas…get out there. Take that scary, awkward step and meet a few people. It might make you uncomfortable at first, but you never know what kind of friends you’ll meet. Would you be brave enough to put yourself out there like I did? Do you have a fun Mom friend story to share? Let me know in the comments below!