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3 Interesting Things From My Week: OT, Therapy and Lego Fun

Hey y’all! It’s Friday. I don’t know how I made it through the week but I did. While my week was busy, it also took me down some new paths where I discovered and did several interesting things. How was your week? Let’s dive into mine.

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OT is Now a Thing

OT, also known as Occupational Therapy, is now a thing for my oldest daughter. She had her evaluation on Tuesday. She and I are both very excited about the possibilities for growth and learning that she will now have under their guidance. While under their care she will be working on everything from feeding therapy to communication skills. If you’re wondering why, it is because she has a Sensory Processing Disorder on top of Generalized Anxiety. Both have been present in her life for at least two years, with the Sensory Processing Disorder becoming more prevalent over the last year.

I was talking about this with my therapist yesterday. When you first find out you’re having a kid, in your mind you picture a healthy, happy baby that will be “normal” in every way. I put normal in quotes because everyone’s idea of normal is different. But when your baby gets here and things aren’t completely “normal” you don’t know what to think at first. No one goes into parenting expecting medical and mental roadblocks. They just happen, and when they do, you get through them one day at a time.

While it is my daughter’s story and her medical and mental health journey, her trials and traumas have very much so become mine as well. As her mother I have been there through everything: every IV that wouldn’t place right the first time, every drop of medication I’ve had to fight for her to take, every pain where she needs comforting that only I can give her. They are her traumas, but they’re mine, too. I will remember these moments, most likely more vividly than she ever will. And so when she’s excited for help and positive change, I’m right there with her full of excitement myself and cheering her on.

My Week is Not Complete Without Therapy

It’s no secret that I have anxiety and depression. I’ve talked about it several times before, and I will keep talking about it. Since moving to the Charlotte area I have found a great therapist that I feel super comfortable talking to. She and I have similar beliefs, and like me, she is a mother.

In this week’s session, we were talking about my role as a stay-at-home Mom and a household manager. She referred to me as the “expert” of my household. I had never thought of it in that way before. After being at home for almost 6 years, I do in fact know my household and how it works better than anyone else. But because of self-doubt, outside influencers (such as those “perfect” moms on social media) and the stigma associated with being a stay-at-home parent, I often feel like much less. Why do I tell you this? Because there are so many other stay-at-home parents out there that feel the same way.

Stay-at-home parents…you are the experts! It doesn’t mean that your partner knows nothing. Your partner probably sees and understands things about your household that you don’t. But, stay-at-home parents…you know your household better than anyone else. And even though you’re an expert, you still will have things to learn everyday. So on the days that you’re undermining and undervaluing yourselves, just remember that. You are irreplaceable. You are doing a job that no one else can do in the same way that you do. My dear, you are the expert.

The Week That I Bought Myself a Lego Set

Having two kids under 10, I have definitely bought Legos before. But I have never, ever bought myself Legos. This week I decided to change that. Part of my week was heading up into Charlotte for therapy. And just like every other week I passed right by the SouthPark Mall. This week, though, I decided to go explore inside the mall.

This mall is way bigger than the malls that I’m used to on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. There are stores in this mall that I have never seen in person or been to in my life. I walked by places like Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co. It was like I was in a whole other world. But rather than being an adult and shopping in those stores, I headed straight for two more “kid-like” stores: The Lego Store and the American Girl Store.

3 Interesting Things From My Week: OT, Therapy and Lego Fun
And just like that, my generation has been immortalized through American Girl.

At 30something years old, I went into the American Girl Store for the FIRST. TIME. EVER. It was such a cool experience (especially because I didn’t have my kids with me). I saw the new 1999 American Girls dolls. In another case was Molly, one of my favorite characters from the American Girl books that I read as a kid. Talk about nostalgic.

3 Interesting Things From My Week: OT, Therapy and Lego Fun
The Lego Set I bought for myself…isn’t it cute?!

After I left American Girl, I headed to the Lego Store. I bought myself Legos. I didn’t buy any for my kids, although the cashier was kind enough to send Lego stickers home with me for the girls.

That Was My Week…How Was Yours?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so glad it’s Friday! Even though my week wasn’t horrible, it was crazy busy. This Mama is ready for some rest.

How was your week? What was one interesting thing you experienced? Let me know in the comments below!