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3 Reasons Monroe is the New Coffee Hot Spot of Union County, NC

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then y’all know that I love coffee by now. And if you’re new here, let me tell you a little secret: coffee is one of my most favorite things on Earth. So it should come as no surprise to you that I follow my local coffee scenes and shops pretty closely.

While I live in the suburbs of Charlotte, I specifically live on the outskirts of Monroe, NC. Let me tell y’all something…Monroe is no Charlotte in terms of its size, but its coffee scene is booming. It is growing so much so that I do dare call Monroe the new coffee hot spot of Union County, NC. Sure, it’s just my opinion. But just in case you don’t agree with me, here are 3 reasons why.

Growth– Reason #1 That Monroe is the New Coffee Hot Spot

Growth is probably the most notable and obvious reason that Monroe is becoming the new coffee hot spot of Union County, NC. I’ve only lived here for a little over a year now. In that year I have watched as several coffee shops either opened for the first time, or they revamped in some way to make their shop more inviting and “new” for the public.

In 2023, at least three new coffee shops have opened in Monroe. They are High Octane Coffee,Creamery and Eatery, and Sorella Coffee and KB’s Coffee. KB’s Coffee, while not a completely new business, was once Hazel’s Coffee Shop. It changed owners earlier this year and changed names, but still creates many of the same vibes as Hazel’s. And while A Cause for Tea isn’t a coffee shop, they still serve the local area in the same kind of way. They just revamped and opened their tea house this year, as well.

3 Reasons Why Monroe is the New Coffee Hot Spot of Union County, NC
Earlier this year I got to enjoy some quiet time at High Octane Coffee. Now that the girls are back in school I owe them another visit!

The population is growing in Monroe, too. According to World Population Review, “Monroe is currently growing at a rate of 0.91% annually, and its population has increased by 2.74% since the most recent census […].” With this kind of growth for the small city of Monroe, it’s no surprise to me that their coffee scene is growing as well.

When you see several new coffee shops popping up your first thought might be about competition. Sure, they compete with one another. But they’re all so different from each other, too! Each coffee shop in the Monroe area has something unique to offer. In my opinion, that’s why the coffee scene keeps growing. And that leads me to my next point.

A Wide Variety of Cafes and Shops– Reason #2

The variety of cafes and coffee shops in Monroe, NC is just another reason why (I think) it is the new coffee hot spot of Union County. You’ve got the traditional coffee shops that offer amazing drinks, great food and ambiance. Coffee and pastries are usually their main focus, as it should be. These coffee shops exist for sure in downtown Monroe. Some of them are so new that I haven’t even had a chance to visit them yet!

3 Reasons Monroe is the New Coffee Hot Spot of Union County, NC
From my most recent visit to Alice Jules Coffeehouse. It was an Apple Pie Chai, but their coffee is amazing, too!

Then you’ve got other coffee shops and cafes that offer coffee but then also offer different services and goods, as well. There are locations like East Frank Superette…they have a bar in addition to coffee, plus they serve food, sell alcohol to-go, and they have all kinds of unique gift-type items for purchase. Then take a look at The Union Exchange. They are way more than just a coffee shop and cafe. They’re a whole farm and outdoor experience, too! Places like High Octane Coffee sell ice cream and an amazing menu full of food.

High Octane Coffee, Monroe, NC
Talk about unique…check out the dinosaur at High Octane!

Every shop is so different, and I think that’s why they’ve all been successful so far. Yes, they all serve coffee. But for a lot of them it’s also more than just the coffee experience that makes them the business that they are.

Location, Location, Location– Reason #3

When you think about it, it kind of makes sense that the coffee scene is growing in Monroe right now. For one, Monroe is the county seat of Union County. There is a lot of traffic that goes through there for things at the courthouse, county events, etc. Monroe seems to be doing some revitalization of its own as of late. They’ve recently opened the Monroe Science Center. The City also just opened a public splash pad this summer, and they’re in the process of creating the Morgan-Windsor Alley downtown. All of these new improvements and attractions are drawing in more visitors, which is great for the coffee shops that have landed here.

Just some of what you see when you type in “coffee” on Google maps…and if you zoom in even more come up.

Location also plays a part in the growth because of where Monroe is located in relation to other more rural towns. Most people that live further out in places like Wingate, Marshville and Altan aren’t going to want to drive all the way to Charlotte for a coffee shop. Monroe is right there and ready to serve anyone passing through.

Excited to See What’s Next for Monroe as it Becomes the New Coffee Hot Spot

I don’t know about y’all, but I’m excited to see what’s next for Monroe as it becomes the new coffee hot spot. As Monroe continues to grow I’ll be on the look out for more coffee shops and fun food-related businesses because that’s just what I’m naturally drawn to.

But I’m also always keeping an eye out throughout all of Union County and Southern Charlotte (no offense Northern Charlotte, you’re just further from where I live currently). I love a good adventure, and I really love a good cup of coffee. If you hear of any new places coming this way then you’ll have to let me know! In the meantime, get out and support your local shops. I have a few on my radar for the next month, and I can’t wait to check them out.

Here’s a List of Coffee Shops That You Can Visit in Monroe, NC

If you want to go on a Monroe coffee hunt, I’ve put together a list of coffee shops for you! If I’ve missed any please let me know…there’s a good chance I just haven’t found them on my own yet. Cheers!

  1. Alice Jules Coffeehouse: 204 Lancaster Ave. #1, Monroe, NC 28112
  2. Dandelion & Friends Mercantile: 105 S Hayne ST, Monroe, NC 28112
  3. East Frank Superette and Kitchen: 209 E Franklin ST, Monroe, NC 28112
  4. High Octane Coffee: 114 Lancaster Ave, Monroe, NC 28112
  5. KB’s Coffee: 1809 Dickerson Blvd, Monroe, NC 28112
  6. The Packing House: 3603 Plyler Mill Rd, Monroe, NC 28112
  7. Sorella Coffee: 107 S Main ST, Monroe, NC 28112
  8. The Union Exchange: 2022 Newtown Rd, Monroe, NC 28110
  9. A Cause for Tea (Although a tea house, they still get a nod here! I’ve got to share the love with my tea drinkers, too.): 418 East Franklin ST, Monroe, NC 28112

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  • Abby

    Meg I LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing this list. We’re in Matthews and I just heard about Sorella this week. We love union exchange, so now it’s time to make the drive down and try everywhere else on the list!