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3 Ways You Can Make the Super Bowl Fun for Kids

The Super Bowl is less than one week away (Go Ealges!). Prior to having kids, it was a time to hang out with friends, eat good food and drink good drinks. Now that I have kids, the Super Bowl has become more of a family event. Because of this, I do what I can to make sure it’s fun for them, just like it is for us adults. If you’re not sure how to make the Super Bowl fun for kids, check out these three fun ideas.

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Play Some Fun Games

The Super Bowl is a big, fun game! Why not bring that same type of fun and atmosphere into your Super Bowl festivities. Kids love games, and so by adding some games to your Super Bowl Day line-up you can make the day extra fun. If you live in an area where it’s warm all year, you could totally take the games outside. But for the sake of us colder weather people, I’m going to keep these game suggestions inside.

  • Paper Football Game with LEGO Goal Posts: This game by Little Bins for Little Hands is absolutely adorable and fun. If your kids have LEGOs sitting around like mine do, then this is definitely something you could easily do indoors. You could even turn it into a friendly wager for Super Bowl treats!
  • Super Bowl Commercials Bingo: Let’s be honest….the kids watch the commercials more so than the actual football game. Keep them entertained with this fun Commercial Bingo game over at Just a Girl and Her Blog.
  • Inflatable Football Ring Toss: Keep things safe yet fun with this inflatable football ring toss! It would be the perfect game to keep everyone laughing while also burning some energy. Another bonus? It can be deflated and kept for the next year!

Super Bowl Fun Foods

Let’s be totally honest…the Super Bowl is just as much about the food as it is the game. Chances are your kids will be more excited about the food on their plate that Sunday than they will be about what’s on the television. One great and easy way that you can make the Super Bowl fun for your kids is by making them fun football-themed food. The internet is filled with tons of Super Bowl food ideas. Below I’ve decided to share some of my favorites.

  • Easy Football Brownies: These football brownies are super cute and super easy to make. Almost all kids love brownies and chocolate, so there’s no way you can really go wrong with them. You can find this recipe over at My Frugal Adventures.
  • Football Bites: Here is yet another very easy football-themed snack that would be great for your kids during the Super Bowl. If your kid doesn’t like one of the ingredients, no problem! Just swap it out for another meat or cheese that your kid loves. You can find this recipe over at Gimme Some Oven.
  • Easy Stuffed Cheesy Bread: This recipe is a favorite in my house. It might not be shaped just like a football, but it totally is a great football game food. If your kid loves ooey-gooey cheese, there’s no way you can go wrong with some good cheesy bread! You can find this recipe right here on my own page, Meg Flint.

Give Them a Kid-Friendly Halftime Show

Alright, parents. We all have had that moment where we’re watching the halftime show with our kids and then we cringe. “Oh no, you shouldn’t watch this part!” It’s okay, you can admit it. I love Rihanna, I have since I was younger. But as much as I love her I’m already prepared for the idea that her halftime show might not be THAT kid-friendly.

Worry no more! You can still give your kids a fun, dance-filled Super Bowl party experience. If you have kids, chances are you know what Kidz Bop is. As much as their music might annoy you (like it does me), their music is perfect for situations like this one. Create a playlist for your kids that feature songs by the Super Bowl halftime show artist. Don’t have time to create a playlist? No worries. Here are some songs you can use.

Chances are there are other songs you can find. Get started with these and see where the dance party takes you!

Eagles vs. Chiefs

It’s that time…who do you think will win? Let me know in the comments below (and play nice, please)! In this house we’re cheering for the Eagles. I come from a family full of Eagles fans 😊 Have a safe and fun Super Bowl everyone!

3 ways to make the Super Bowl fun for your kids
Time for some Super Bowl fun. Let’s Go Eagles!



  • Lindsey

    These ideas are fantastic! I think I will take several away from here to use with my two boys. They are excited for the Super Bowl, but I think some of these ideas will go over really well for my 5 and 7 year old:)! I think adults could have fun with the bingo too:).