6 Months of Easy Living in Monroe, North Carolina
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6 Months of Easy Living in Monroe, North Carolina

We moved to Monroe, North Carolina in September of 2022. Somehow 6 months have already passed. It has been an easy six months, and if I’m being totally honest, I really like it so far. There are a few things over the last six months that we haven’t loved. But overall, the pros outweigh the cons. If you’re considering moving to Monroe or the Charlotte, North Carolina area, there are a few things I’d like to tell you before you do.

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Diverse Living Monroe, North Carolina

As a whole, Monroe, North Carolina is pretty nice. I’ll start by saying we don’t live in the city of Monroe, but we do live on the outskirts and have a Monroe address. Monroe offers many stores, restaurants and things to do. But it also offers a lot of quiet, country settings for those that don’t want to live right in the city.

6 Months of Easy Living in Monroe, North Carolina
The sun setting on a field in Monroe, NC.

One afternoon I drove my husband around the rural part of Monroe. He had no idea that so much farmland existed just ten minutes away from where we live now. For people like us that moved for a farm-heavy area, it’s nice knowing that those similarities exist here. Because of the city-rural diversity of Monroe, it still has that small town feel. It’s definitely not a small town, but most people from here will tell you that “everyone knows everyone.” Coming from a small town in Maryland, we love this aspect of Monroe.

6 months of Easy Living in Monroe, North Carolina.
Downtown Monroe, NC has awesome decorations at Christmas time.

For those that want more urban living, Monroe has that, too. There are many housing developments that are booming and growing inside of Monroe. I’ve driven down Highway 74 many times now, and I always notice the new construction. Whether you’re looking for a house, an apartment or a townhouse, I’ve seen it all. There really is a little bit of something for everyone in Monroe, North Carolina.

Union County Schools

The schools in Union County, where Monroe is located, rank pretty high overall. According to Niche.com, Union County Public Schools currently hold an overall rating of “A,” and rank 3rd overall for school systems in North Carolina. So far, we’ve been fortunate enough to agree with this rating. The school that our girls attend is wonderful. The teachers and staff have been super welcoming. The girls have easily made friends. The school teaches academic subjects in addition to character development (which we love). And any problem that we have had has been addressed quickly and without issue.

I know I can’t personally speak for all schools. There are some parents that will tell you one thing about a school, while another parent has a totally different opinion. The great thing about Union County is that there is also the option for charter school lotteries. While your child isn’t guaranteed to get in, at least there’s still the option to try something else. Many parents that I have talked to have said great things about the schools here in Union County. Before moving to Monroe, just make sure you do your research and get into the area that you feel will work best for your children.

Monroe, North Carolina is Close to Charlotte

When we first made the decision to move down here from Maryland, we knew we didn’t want to live in Charlotte. We had never lived smack dab in the middle of a city, and we weren’t about to start now. Monroe is great because it’s close to Charlotte without being it’s next door neighbor.

6 Months of Easy Living in Monroe, North Carolina
We love visiting Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, NC

My husband commutes to Charlotte every day for work. He is one of many that does this daily. For those of us that want slower paced living with city amenities close by, places like Monroe are perfect. Where we live currently we’re only about 35 minutes away from the heart of Charlotte (obviously depending on traffic). This has been great for our family so far. When the four of us are out adventuring together, we don’t always choose to go into the city. Monroe and the surrounding smaller cities offers lots of parks and fun places to explore. But when we want to do something different, we drive the 35 minutes and explore some of the museums and other sights of the city.

The Very Small List of Cons About Monroe Living

While we do love Monroe so far, there are a few things we aren’t so fond of. The biggest thing that we’re not liking is HOA community living. If you’ve lived in a neighborhood with an HOA before then you might not feel this way. This is our first time living in a neighborhood like this, and we’ve learned it’s not for us. Houses in our neighborhood are so close together, and people park on the street everywhere. Fortunately, we’re only renting. Like I’ve said before, Monroe offers a little bit of every type of living. When we go to buy, we will definitely be looking in the more rural areas.

In addition to not liking HOA living, we’re also taking a little extra time adjusting to the traffic. You might be only five miles away from something, but the drive will take fifteen minutes. Monroe, just like Charlotte, seems to be booming with growth. With growth obviously comes more traffic and longer drive times. Now that we’ve been here for six months, we’re finally adjusting. But trust me, if you’re not used to the traffic then you might want to prepare yourself.

Overall We Love Monroe, North Carolina

Overall, we’re really loving Monroe, North Carolina. People here are so friendly. The pace of life is a bit slower than city living, and yet the city is close by. We have great shopping choices in all directions. If you’re a foodie like me, there are amazing coffee shops, breweries and restaurants located all over Monroe. We really couldn’t ask for much more.

Are you considering moving to Monroe, North Carolina? If so, feel free to drop any questions you have in the comments! I’ll check back in at our one year mark and let you know how we’re feeling about Monroe then.