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9 Easy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner, y’all! Many people probably already know what they’re doing for their Dad that day, while many others still have no idea what they want to do or get for Dad. After talking to my husband, who is very low maintenance by the way, I have put together a list of some easy Father’s Day gift ideas that almost any Dad would love.

Make His Favorite Dinner

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The saying goes,

“The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

I first heard this saying as a teenage girl. Sure, at the time I knew what it meant. But now that I’m married and have a family, I really know this to be true. Our family is always on-the-go lately. I don’t get to cook as often or as nicely as I used to. A lot of nights are quick meals, take out or leftovers.

That’s why Father’s Day is the perfect day to make Dad his favorite meal.

Father’s Day falls on a Sunday. For our family, that’s our lazy day and our one day where we don’t have to leave the house. What better way to celebrate and spoil Dad than with his favorite meal?!

Wash His Car

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Now, my husband isn’t a big fan of this idea. He’s a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to his car, so he’d rather do it himself. But if your Dad or husband doesn’t fall into the same category as my husband, then this is a really easy Father’s Day gift idea.

I know not everyone has the tools or time to wash Dad’s car. So if you can’t wash his car for him, treat him to a car wash at a local establishment. Dad gets out of washing his car, and you get to spoil him a bit. It sounds like a win-win to me!

Help Him With the Yard Work

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We all know it’s yard work season. Help Dad out this Father’s Day and do some of the yard work with him! You can either surprise him and do it, or you can work along with him while he’s outside one day. Either way, I’m sure your Dad will appreciate the extra hand.

Yard work can be anything from cutting grass to pulling weeds to hauling away debris. Every little bit helps. And the less time Dad spends doing yard work, the more time he can spend hanging out with you!

Plan an Outing

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Father’s Day falls during the warmer months, making it pretty easy to plan an outing for Dad. Not all Dads want to head out of the house on Father’s Day, but for those that do there are lots of great outings that you can plan.

Whether he likes going to the beach, catching a baseball game, getting a drink at the brewery or visiting the local botanical gardens, there are all kinds of ideas that you can use. What makes this an easy Father’s Day gift idea is that you can customize it based on what your Dad likes rather than just a one-size-fits-all approach. So start planning now, and I bet you’ll come up with a great outing idea for Father’s Day.

Set Up Movie Night With His Favorite Movies

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One of my husband’s favorite things to do is to watch movies. When he’s not working you can usually find him on the couch watching something sci-fi/action/fantasy/superhero related. Since Father’s Day is all about celebrating Dad and letting him relax, what better way to celebrate than with a movie marathon.

If you’re looking for an easy and fun gift for Father’s Day, a movie marathon is a great idea. You can easily make sure you have Dad’s favorite movies on deck and ready to go. With so many streaming services out there, you’re bound to be able to find a service that has at least a few of his favorite movies featured.

Don’t forget the snacks! No movie marathon with Dad is complete without Dad’s favorite movie snacks. Once you’ve got the movies and the snacks, just get everyone to the couch and start watching!

Make Him a Snack Basket

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I can’t speak for all Dads, but I know that most Dads love snacks. A lot of times as parents we don’t get our first-choice snacks…we get whatever there is in the pantry that the kids like. My husband will even tell you, “Yup, I always get the crumbs…”

One easy gift idea for Father’s Day is to create and give Dad his own snack basket based on what he likes. It’s a thoughtful gift, and a tasty gift, too. If it were my husband I’d be packing the basket with things like jerky, wasabi peas, and any kind of salty, spicy crackers that I can find. You can even take it a step further and include something like his favorite cheese and olives (another of my husband’s favorites). Just make sure you refrigerate it if needed. Either way, I bet Dad will love having his own snack basket!

Challenge Him to a Game Tournament

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This is one easy Father’s Day gift idea that my girls would likely come up with for my husband. In our house, both video game and board game tournaments can be pretty intense. We have a lot of fun sitting around for a couple of hours and playing games together.

What makes this a great gift for Father’s Day? Dad gets to relax and have fun while spending time with his family. I know quite a few Dads that love a good game tournament. Grab some great snacks, get a comfy spot, and let the Father’s Day gaming tournament begin!

Let Him Sleep In

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For whatever reason, this idea does not always pop up on lists for Father’s Day. Yeah, Mom wants to sleep in on Mother’s Day…but Dad wants to sleep in, too! This is such an easy Father’s Day gift idea. Just give Dad a little bit of extra time to sleep in that day.

While he’s sleeping in you could even make him his favorite breakfast. Dad gets to rest, and he gets one of his favorite meals. Sounds like a great way to start Father’s Day!

At-Home Tasting

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This is the last of the easy Father’s Day gift ideas for now, but I know that there are a ton more out there. On Father’s Day, plan an at-home tasting for Dad, you and the family. It could be beer, wine, cheeses, etc….there are so many foods and drinks out there that you can plan a tasting with. Pick something that Dad likes, and go from there.

For my husband, I would plan a beer and cheese tasting. Since our kids aren’t 21, I’d get them some sparkling cider so that they can join in. You can take it a step further by picking items that are local to your area. Because we live in North Carolina, there are a ton of breweries that I could get local beer from. The more thought that you put into the tasting, the more special and personal it becomes for Dad.

More Easy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

What do you plan to do for the Dad in your life on this Father’s Day? There are so many other easy Father’s Day gift ideas out there, so get to thinking and be a little creative! Dad just wants to know that you’re thinking of him on Father’s Day. And if he’s anything like my husband, a thoughtful gift will mean way more than an expensive one.

What other easy Father’s Day gift ideas do you have? Let me know in the comments below!


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