Another World of Sweetness at Amelie's French Bakery and Cafe
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Another World of Sweetness at Amelie’s French Bakery and Café

*This post is in no way sponsored, paid for or endorsed by Amelie’s French Bakery and Café*

Taking that first step into Amelie’s French Bakery and Café is like stepping into another world of sweetness. It’s been almost two weeks since I first visited Amélie’s French Bakery and Café off of Park Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since then I’ve been back another time, and quite honestly, I hope to go back again soon. From the beautifully filled pastry case to the relaxed atmosphere, it’s hard to find anything unpleasant about Amélie’s.

Amelie’s Whimsical and Laid-Back Atmosphere

Taking your first steps down the stairs and into the doors of Amélie’s French Bakery and Cafe is like walking into a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Chandeliers hang from every inch of the ceiling. Some are sparkly and beautifully adorned, while others boast colorful decorations. My favorite: the macaron light fixture. It is super cute and obviously fits in well in a French bakery.

The walls of Amélie’s are just as colorful and eclectic as the lighting fixtures. Some walls show bare bricks, while others wear blue striped wallpaper or chalkboards covered in colorful writing. Each table is different, as well. And just like the décor of the bakery and café, people of all different sizes, shapes, colors and purpose fill the dining room. It is truly a place that I feel comfortable and relaxed in.

Another World of Sweetness at Amelie's French Bakery and Café
One of my favorite chandeliers at Amelie’s French Bakery and Café.

Being able to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee at a coffee shop is a big deal. Some cafes are more of a grab-and-go type of an establishment. But this is not the case with Amelie’s French Bakery and Café. During both of my visits I noticed people pleasantly working throughout the dining room of the café. Some sat quietly, headphones on, laptops in front of them as they typed endlessly. Others met their business partners there, business suits and firm handshakes still present. People also gathered with their friends and family while I was at Amelie’s. To see both types of worlds coexisting in the same coffee shop is always a great sign. And to see customers sticking around, hanging out and smiling is always a reassuring sign that I’ve found a great place.

Treats of Another World at Amelie’s French Bakery and Cafe

When one hears “French Bakery and Café” they naturally think of some of the most beautiful, delectable pastries in the world. Walking into Amelie’s French Bakery and Café was like what I imagine it would be like walking into a bakery in France. The massive pastry case at Amelie’s, upon first sight, is absolutely beautiful. Macarons of all colors and flavors line the top shelf, easily catching one’s eye. Of course the rows underneath are just as eye-catching and beautiful as the macarons. Each pastry has a label in front of it, letting customers know what it is. I was impressed to see the French names for the pastries on the labels, too. It definitely gave off a more authentic feel. And honestly, I was impressed with myself for recognizing and knowing what some of the names were. I can thank Food Network for that one!

Another World of Sweetness at Amelie's French Bakery and Cafe
Just a small part of the beautifully filled pastry case at Amelie’s.

During my first visit it was really hard for me to pick just one treat. I started with the Key Lime Tart and the Blackberry Iced Tea. Both were absolutely delicious. The Key Lime Tart was definitely tart like a lime, but it was well-balanced with the sweetness of the meringue and the crust. The Blackberry Iced Tea was a nice pairing for the Key Lime Tart. If you’re in there on a warm Spring or Summer day, I highly suggest that you try the two of those together. And definitely try a macaron or two. The pistachio macaron is AMAZING. Trust me, just go try one. I also ended up going home with some of Amelie’s Multi-Grain Bread that day. It turned out to be the perfect bread for a nice nutty French Toast.

Since my first visit, I have been back and have tried new things. Their Chocolate Croissant is flaky and sweet, yet light and airy just like a croissant should be. Their French Toast Latte, although seasonal, is something I would drink all year long. It would be a great breakfast or brunch latte, pairing well with things like pancakes, cinnamon rolls, waffles and (duh) French Toast. I am already a fan of any coffee drink involving cinnamon, so it’s no surprise that I liked the French Toast Latte.

Go Give Amelie’s a Try Today

Amelie’s French Bakery and Café has several locations around Charlotte, as well as one in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The particular café location that I visited is their Park Road location in Charlotte. At this point I think it’s my new goal to visit all of their locations. The staff at the Park Road location was amazing, so I can only imagine what the other locations are like.

If you want to check them out before you go, you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and of course on their actual website. When you stop in, make sure to stay a while and to tell them that Meg Flint sent you!