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Birthday Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

Birthday gift ideas for 6 year old girls have been my specialty as of late. I feel like every other weekend we have a birthday party to go to. And now that my youngest daughter has turned 6 and all of her friends are turning 6, what better time to share some gift ideas with you!

Six year old girls are still fun to shop for in my opinion. They’re not at the age where they’re “too old” for baby dolls and Barbies, yet they’re starting to want more “mature” gifts, too. For me that makes shopping for a gift for them fun, yet a little bit harder. If you feel that way, too, here are some birthday gift ideas for 6 year old girls.

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Birthday Gift #1: Barbies & Other Dolls

Birthday Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls
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Barbies and other baby dolls might seem like the most obvious birthday gift ideas for 6 year old girls. There are so many Barbies, babies and other dolls out there now that it can be a little overwhelming to have to pick just one. Every time we walk the toy aisles in Target I find myself saying to my girls, “We definitely didn’t have all of these when I was a kid!”

When it comes to Barbies and similar dolls, my 6 year old has a few that she is always asking for. The Barbie Cutie Reveal Dolls and the Barbie Color Reveal Dolls seem to be a big hit with kids her age right now. She’s also into LOL Dolls, but I try to keep them few and far between. The Rainbow High dolls are also on her list from time to time, but I’ll be honest…I’m not a fan of the dolls or the show.

When it comes to baby dolls and other larger dolls, 18 inch dolls are a go-to. If you don’t want to get an actual doll, try looking into doll accessories. There are so many cute and playful accessory sets out there!

Birthday Gift #2: Sticker Book & Stickers

Birthday gift ideas for 6 year old girls
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Having two kids under 10 in our house means that we also have lots and lots of stickers! I feel like every time they go to a birthday party or other event they come home with five more stickers to add to their collection. But believe it or not, stickers are a great birthday gift idea for 6 year old girls.

As much as the stickers drive me crazy, I’m also guilty of buying them for the girls. Just the other day I order these cute dog stickers as party favors for my daughter’s birthday.

But there are only so many surface areas where you can put every little sticker that they bring home. That’s where the sticker book comes in. I remember having one as a kid, and guess what…they still make them! You can get ones that are pretty simple in design and color, or you can get sticker books that are extremely colorful and over-the-top.

Birthday Gift #3: Fun Clothes

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One great birthday gift idea for 6 year old girls is clothes! I’ve always thought buying little girls clothes is fun. Sure, you can buy them everyday clothes like tops and bottoms. But for a birthday I love to pick out something a little extra special.

If you have a girly girl like I do, dresses are always a fun birthday gift idea. I like to check in with the parents ahead of time to make sure that I get the right sizes. Once I have that information I start looking for the most fun, adorable dress (obviously within reason…remember, kids love to be active!). To a grown up clothes might just be clothes. But give a girly girl a dress and I guarantee she’ll be excited to get it!

Birthday Gift #4: Creative Activities & Kits

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Creative activities, art kits and other creative kits are dominating my little girl’s birthday list this year. Most kids love diving right into an activity or craft, especially if it’s one that they can do on their own. A lot of people tend to stay away from this category because some of the kits are a little “messy,” but I highly suggest you this category a second chance.

In a time where convenience and ease are big priorities, there are now so many craft and activity kits that are “mess-free” or “easy to clean.” And luckily for you, my daughter has several of those items on her list. First up, Scribble Scrubbie Pets by Crayola. We love these! They’ve been out for a few years now, and so now they have lots of options and animals to choose from.

Some other items topping my daughter’s list this year are Orbeez and Melissa & Doug Craft Kits. Hear me out on the Orbeez/Kinetic Sand/Play Doh/etc….kids need sensory play! Yeah, it’s messy. But without it they don’t develop some of the core sensory skills that they need in life. Mom and Dad might not like the mess, but the kids will be better for it. One reason I especially love the Orbeez is because they’re actually pretty easy to clean up. And parents…just think of it as another way of teaching responsibility to your kids. They want to play with Orbeez? Great! They just have to help clean them up when they’re done. Sounds like a great birthday gift idea to me!

Birthday Gift #5: Electronic Pets

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My 8 year old daughter has been obsessed with electronic pets for some time now. But now my 6 year old is obsessed with them, too. In a world full of technology there are lots of electronic pets that you can choose from.

This year I went the small-but-still-fun route for my daughter. I decided to throw it back to my younger years and get her a GigaPet. That’s right, they still exist! I’m not going to lie, when it got to our house I kind of wanted to play with it myself. They are meant for ages 5+ so a 6 year old should have no problem taking care of one.

If you want to get something a little bit bigger and more realistic then you should check out the electronic pets created by Little Live Pets and FurReal Pets. Both have several electronic pets to choose from. My 8 year old has several of them from both brands, and still plays with them to this day.

Birthday Gift #6: Building Toys

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Building toys are a timeless birthday gift for kids of any age. Whether you buy LEGO brand toys, K’nex or Play Mobil, any and all of them are great.

This year my upcoming 6 year old was asking specifically for K’nex. They’ve been using them in their STEM class at school, and so she has been especially find of them lately. What I love about K’nex is that they can be even more creative with them than they can with other building toys. I’ve seen my 6 year old build a cat and a swing set with them so far. I love that they spark their imagination and creativity.

My daughter also loves LEGO toys. She’s not so fond of putting them together by herself, but once they’re built you will find her playing with each set. They have so many cute LEGO options out there for 6 year olds. Check them out online or visit your nearest LEGO store if you have one!

I also love the PlayMobil Sets as a gift idea. They aren’t as involved with building, but they still are great for play and imagination. I especially love the sets that come in carrying cases. We have several of those for our girls, and they love them.

Birthday Gift #7: Outdoor Toys

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Outdoor toys are another timeless birthday gift idea. When a kid has a Spring birthday like my daughter does, outdoor toys make so much sense. At 6 years old you can get anything from Nerf and water guns to create-your-own fairy gardens.

We recently created a fairy garden in a raised bed at our house. Before purchasing the raised bed, though, we had also purchased a couple of the My Fairy Garden Sets. These are such a cute birthday gift idea for little girls that love to be outside.

Another great outdoor toy that my daughter asks for over and over again is the stomp rocket. Stomp rockets are fun, they keep your kid active, and they create healthy challenge for your child. If you haven’t seen one before, you should definitely check them out.

Birthday Gift #8: Games

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I feel like board games and other types of games are a timeless, classic gift for any kid. Board games are played often in our house, and so our girls love when we get new ones. This year my daughter didn’t have any board games on her list, but I can definitely tell you some of her favorites. Topping our list of board games that we play often are The Game of Life, Monopoly Jr (the Mario version, of course), Memory and Jenga.

Other great board games and other types of games for a 6 year old girl include Connect4, Operation, and Pretty, Pretty Princess (Yes, they still make it!). If you’re not sure which one to get, just check in with the parents ahead of time and I’m sure they can give you suggestions.

Birthday Gift #9: Gift Cards

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A lot of people think that gift cards and cash are an easy way out. Often times little kids don’t feel the same way, though. Gift cards to some of their favorite places can be an exciting way for them to practice a little bit of independence while shopping for something for themselves.

Gifts cards don’t always have to be for toys or clothes, though. My girls love it when they get gift cards to some of their favorite restaurants, even the fast food ones. In the past they’ve received gift cards to places like McDonald’s and SweetFrog, and they’ve been just as excited as they would be getting a toy. Don’t feel bad about giving gift cards…they really are a great gift for girls this age!

Birthday Gift #10: Subscription Boxes & Magazines

Birthday Gift Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls
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If you have kids like mine, chances are they love getting mail. Over the years we’ve gotten subscriptions to magazines such as Highlights, National Geographic Kids and Ranger Rick. Magazine subscriptions might feel like a small gift to a grown up, but I guarantee you that most kids will love it.

Another great birthday gift idea for 6 year old girls are subscription boxes. I honestly wish subscription boxes existed when we were kids. There are so many neat and fun ones to choose from! Whether the birthday girl loves baking, science, crafts or exploring, there is something for every kid out there.

Birthday Gift #11: Experience Gifts

Birthday Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Girls
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One last great birthday gift idea for 6 year old girls comes to you in the form of experience gifts. So many parents that I know wish that their kids would get more gifts like this. Toys are great, books are wonderful, but often times the kids already have so many. Experience gifts are a great birthday gift idea because they don’t add to the pile of toys, and they get the kid out of the house.

There are so many experience gifts that one could purchase. Sure, some cities have more options than others. But I guarantee that you can find at least one experience opportunity in your community. Some birthday gift experience ideas include bowling alleys, indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, amusement parks, zoos….see, there are so many! And not only do you give them an experience, but you also give them fun memories. Overall, I’d say this is one of my favorite birthday gift ideas for 6 year old girls.

So Many Other Birthday Gift Ideas For 6 Year Old Girls

There are endless amounts of birthday gift ideas for 6 year old girls out there. What are some of your favorite gifts that you’ve given to little girls at that age? Do you remember a gift that you received at 6 years old that you loved? Let me know in the comments below!