Caramel and Coffee Ice Cream Float

Caramel and Coffee Ice Cream Float

Coffee is truly wonderful no matter which way you drink it. Almost all of the coffee recipes I’ve created so far have been hot, and that’s just because that’s the way I prefer to drink it. However, we were recently at a birthday party where they had root beer floats. And when I saw my girls drinking those floats, a little lightbulb went off in my head. Coffee Ice cream floats…yum.

To make the perfect ice cream float you need the ice cream (duh), soda and a good thicky, creamy foam on top. Adding coffee to that doesn’t make any of that go anyway. In fact, in this recipe the coffee adds to the foam and the flavor. I love it, and I think you will, too.

Getting Ready for a Float

The ingredients needed for a coffee ice cream float are super simple. All you need for this caramel and coffee ice cream float are:

  • caramel syrup
  • ice cream (I used Tillamook’s Caramel Swirl Ice Cream)
  • coffee
  • cream soda

Yup, that’s really all you need! Of course you need a glass, too. You won’t need a giant-sized glass. The ice cream will fall down a bit after you pour the coffee and soda over it, so don’t worry if it doesn’t fill the cup at the end.

I also recommend having both a straw and a spoon handy. You might end up needing both!

Make That Coffee Ice Cream Float

Caramel and Coffee Ice Cream Float Recipe- Meg Flint

Once you’re ready to make the caramel and coffee ice cream float it won’t take you long to put it all together. First, drizzle caramel around the inside of the cup. Next, add your ice cream. Once the ice cream is in there pour the coffee over it. Finally, add the cream soda. I think you can guess the next step…enjoy!

I told you it was easy.

Caramel and Coffee Ice Cream Float

So Many Other Coffee Ice Cream Float Opportunities

Because of the nature of coffee and ice cream, I can think of so many other flavor combinations. Want a coffee ice cream float at Christmas? Use chocolate syrup and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Feeling nutty? Grab peanut butter ice cream and mix it with some freshly brewed goodness. There are seriously so many ideas out there.

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Until next time…