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Photo Credit: Brittany Coyle

Meg Flint is ready to work with you! As a seasoned blogger and the creative force behind FlintFamCreates‘ macrame wonders, Meg offers a variety of creatively crafted products and services. Meg’s artistry goes beyond creating meticulous and whimsical custom macrame orders – it extends to a realm where coffee and crafting converge. As a avid lover and aficionado of both, Meg not only weaves intricate knots but also shares her insights through compelling product reviews, captivating sponsored blog posts, and engaging sponsored social media content. Discover the fusion of craftsmanship and caffeine, where every creation tells a story, and every blog post resonates with the shared love for the art of macrame, crafting and the joy found in a perfect cup of coffee.

As a blogger, Meg offers several different blogging and social media services. Those services include:

  • Product reviews related to coffee and crafting
  • Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts
  • Giveaways

If you are interested in working with Meg and you would like to receive her media kit, please contact her at