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East Frank Superette and Kitchen: A Colorful Eating Experience

*This post is in no way sponsored, paid for or endorsed by East Frank Superette and Kitchen*

East Frank Superette and Kitchen is one of the first restaurants that I’ve visited in person since moving to the Charlotte suburbs. What drew me to this establishment? Great reviews, a colorful social media presence and, of course, great looking food. Now that I’ve been there once, I will definitely go back again. Let me tell you all about it.

A Bold Presence

When I first found East Frank Superette and Kitchen online, everything about it screamed bold and fun. Pictures on the internet show a purple exterior, and lots of bright and beautiful colors on the interior. But it’s not just the walls that are eye-catching. It’s also the decor, and all of the products that they sell on the shelves. Walking in for the first time, I probably looked like a kid in a toy store. My eyes scanned up and down as I walked around waiting for my to-go order. I even snapped a few pictures of different hot sauces to share with my husband, knowing he would find them just as intriguing as I did.

The most interesting part of the restaurant is not its decor. Rather, it’s the fact that it’s a restaurant, small store, a performance space and (very small) arcade all mixed into one big, bold, brightly colored business. I think that is the other thing that drew me to East Frank before any other restaurant. It’s such a neat concept and not one that you see often. For that reason and a few others, I didn’t want to prolong the time it took me to stop by.

The Food

Another reason I chose East Frank first was because of what I was craving for lunch. I didn’t want Chinese or Mexican food. I didn’t want a burger. What I did want was some kind of deli sandwich with lots of flavor. After looking at the menu for East Frank, I found they were the place for that sandwich. During this particular visit I ordered the Harry S Trueben, sans mustard. It was everything you could possibly want in a Rueben…shaved brisket that is thin and salty, but not too salty. Sauerkraut that gives tang and texture. The slight sweetness of the 1,000 Island dressing is definitely there without being too overpowering. Of course, there is the Swiss Cheese and the slightly toasted Marbled Rye, too. All of these ingredients create one amazing Rueben sandwich that I will definitely eat again.

There are so many other foods that I still want to try. The names alone are creative enough to make you smile. The ingredient descriptions are enough to make your tummy growl. I’m not sure what will be next…maybe their Southern Dawg? Or their Evil Cheese Steak? Whichever one I pick, I’m sure it will be worth writing about.

I also want to go back to try their drinks. Did you know that East Frank Superette and Kitchen has a bar? And not just any bar…a coffee bar and an adult beverage bar all mixed into one! This is perfect for those that want to stop by and grab breakfast and a coffee, or for those who want a night out with a few special drinks. Either way, they have a little bit of something for either occasion.

The Important Stuff

East Frank Superette and Kitchen is located in downtown Monroe, North Carolina. You won’t be able to miss them; their purple doors and colorful atmosphere make them very easy to find. If you want to check them out before you visit, you can find them online through Facebook, Instagram, and through their website.

Grab your friends and head on down to East Frank Superette and Kitchen. I promise, you’ll love it! And when you visit, make sure to tell them that Meg Flint sent you!

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