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Hall Family Farm: A Trip You Will Love

*This post is in no way sponsored, paid for or endorsed by Hall Family Farm*

My family and I recently took a trip to the Hall Family Farm located in Lancaster, South Carolina. It was our first time there, and we loved it! If you like hayrides, apple cider, corn mazes, and any other kinds of Fall fun, then make a trip to the Hall Family Farm. You’ll love it!

Endless Options

We visited the Hall Family Farm for the first time ever this past weekend. As we walked up and saw how big it was, I knew immediately we would love it. And I was right! There are endless options of Fall fun for everyone. If your kids are little and like to play, they have something for that. If your kids are a bit older and like a challenge, they have something for that, too. There are so many things to do that you could probably spend an entire day there, exploring and having all kinds of family fun. And it’s not just for families, either. We saw several couples out enjoying the beautiful Saturday and the endless festivities.

One great thing about their many attractions is that some of it is free. Yup, you read that right! There is no admission fee. Rather, you pay a la carte style, picking and choosing what you want to do while you’re there. They even offer combo prices if you want to do more than one thing. As a parent of two kids under ten, this is extremely appealing. Not all little kids want to do a hayride or the corn maze. Sometimes they just want to see the animals and pick a pumpkin. It’s great on the wallet and the stress levels of parenthood to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune taking your kid somewhere that they might want to leave ten minutes after arriving.

What We Did

Our family did quite a few things while we were there. First, my kids tried out the old firetruck playground and slide. It wasn’t their favorite, but they still thought it was cool that they got to try it. We also explored the bamboo paths and the kid corral, despite protests from my five-year-old. Once she got into the bamboo, I think she changed her attitude and her mind. Feeding the animals seemed to be a favorite for both of my girls, but that doesn’t surprise me. Before we left, we finished up with the hayride and kid’s corn maze combo. The corn maze is definitely fun for little ones without overwhelming them. They are presented with a puzzle to solve while they explore the vast field of tall corn stalks. When they’re done, they have a cute little picture to take home (if they want to).

The hayride is fun for families and grownups alike. Classic Halloween music plays in the background while you hunt down several notorious but adorable Halloween characters from years past and present. My girls loved looking around, trying to find characters like Jack the Skeleton and Linus from Charlie Brown. It was a great treat and time to watch them sit back and smile while we rode along.

You Can’t Forget the Treats

No Fall festivities are complete without your typical Fall treats! At Hall Family Farm there are lots of treats to pick from and purchase. We saw everything from roasted nuts to donuts to coffee, and of course lots of other things. We were there in between breakfast and lunch so we weren’t really hungry. But we did get thirsty! My kids were very excited to get Apple Cider Slushies. They are sweet and tart, as apple cider should be. And they’re perfect for an Autumn morning when the air is cool but the sun is beating down strong.

The smells coming from the food area of Hall Family Farm are enough to drive anyone crazy. I wish I had been in the mood to eat because I gladly would’ve tried their donuts, and whatever cheesesteak-like smell that was coming from the kitchen. You can tell the food there is good; the lines remained long and steady the entire time. You can’t really beat the prices, either!

Enjoying those Apple Cider Slushies

Some Info Before You Go

Before the hayride started, we were presented with some very interesting and inspiring information about the farm. It is in fact family-owned and operated. So much so that they do almost all of the work themselves. The gentleman that drove the tractor told us prior to our ride that they have spent three years or so working on the farm before they opened it to the public. This included creating a man-made pond all on their own. They’re currently in the process of building a railroad, too!

You HAVE to go check out Hall Family Farm while they’re still open for the season. You’ll love it and your family will love it, too. You can find all kinds of information about them on their website. You can find pictures and daily updates on their Faceboook and Instagram, too! Go check them out and when you do tell them that Meg Flint sent you.