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Java’s Brewing Bakery and Cafe: Fan for Life

*This post is in no way sponsored, paid for or endorsed by Java’s Brewing Bakery and Café*

Java’s Brewing Bakery and Cafe is a must-try for coffee lovers! It’s a must-try for pastry lovers, too. After finding them on Facebook one day and seeing pictures of their amazing treats, I knew I had to go in. Trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed when you pay them a visit. I am now a fan for life.

The Secret Stuff

Before heading into a new restaurant, I almost always go online to see what I can find out about them prior to my visit. I especially like to look at the menus, looking for anything extra creative or unusual. When I went into Java’s Brewing, I knew I wanted coffee and a sweet treat. The woman running the show there must’ve read my mind…she suggested “Cloud 9.” Something specific to their restaurant…check! Something delicious….check! If you look at their menu, Cloud 9 boasts an ingredient called “Secret Stuff and Love.” I don’t know what that secret stuff is, but that drink is good!! I could definitely feel the love, too.

There are a couple of things that make the drink so darn good. First, it’s warm. The warmth is welcome on a cool Fall Day. Second, it starts off sweet. There’s nothing better than great, smooth espresso paired with a little bit of sweet. And then there’s the spice. I don’t know what it is, but it kind of reminds me of the cinnamon jaw breakers that I would have as a kid. Hints of sweet with a little bit of bite at the end. Whatever that secret stuff is, I will gladly drink it over and over again.

Cinnamon Roll, Please!

If you’ve read any of my past posts, you know that I can’t turn down a cinnamon roll. I didn’t know what Cloud 9 would taste like, but I took the chance and ordered a cinnamon roll to go with it. The barista confirmed my decision, saying they would pair well together. And they totally did! The bite from the spice of Cloud 9 and the earthiness of the cinnamon roll were so good together. I highly recommend that you pair them together, too.

Another reason I recommend this cinnamon roll is because it’s unlike any other that I’ve had before. The outside is flaky like a croissant. The inside is soft and filled with gooey, buttery cinnamon goodness…just like a cinnamon roll. It was so good that I actually took my time eating it, not wanting it to disappear quickly. There were so many other delicious looking pastries to try that I will definitely need to go back and order more. But for now, I am so glad that I gave that cinnamon roll a try that day.

You Know You Want To Go

After reading all of that, you know you want to go give Java’s Brewing Bakery and Cafe a try! The atmosphere is friendly and warm. The woman running the show that day was so kind, pleasant and knowledgeable. I left there that day knowing that I’d be back again. And they’re kid-friendly, which is always great if you’re a parent like me. I loved seeing the kid’s toys in the restaurant. It definitely made my Mama heart happy.

You can find Java’s Brewing Bakery and Cafe in Waxhaw, North Carolina. They’re very easy to find, and once you do find them you’ll want to go back again. Check them out online through their Facebook and Instagram before you go. When you do visit, make sure to tell them that Meg Flint sent you!