Life is as Magical as You Make It Book Review
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“Life is as Magical as You Make It: Learn to Listen to Your Heart and Find Your Joy,” written by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, is an inspiring must-read for any adult that has found themselves lost and looking for joy in their own life. Nelson-Schmidt, also a children’s author, tells her own story and how her recent encounters with grief and disappointment led her to once again find her joy. If you’re looking for a captivating, inspiring, easy read, check out Nelson-Schmidt’s book and what I have to say about the book below.

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Why Michelle Nelson-Schmidt and “Life is as Magical As You Make It”?

Life is as Magical as You Make It Book Review

I first learned about Michelle Nelson-Schmidt a few years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to her children’s books. At the time my oldest daughter was starting to exhibit signs and symptoms of anxiety; she was only 4 or 5 years old. My friend had personally read Michelle Nelson-Schmidt’s books before, and knew that they were perfect for kids with anxiety.

After introducing my daughter to “Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster,” I began to follow Michelle on Facebook. We also had the pleasure of sitting in on a few virtual private story times with Nelson-Schmidt, where we got to talk to her and ask her questions about her work. Her stories and her own personal story often left me feeling inspired, and wondering why I had not yet written my own book.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago. Michelle announced that she was looking for beta readers for her new book. This time it wasn’t a kid’s book…it was a book for adults. Her very first book for adults, in fact. I immediately signed up.

Being a beta reader for this book has been a fun, amazing, inspiring and interesting experience. I am reviewing the book on my own website out of my own desire to do so. None of the opinions that I am about to share with you are in any way influenced by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt herself. They are not paid for, either. They are true, honest and from my own heart.

Life Isn’t Magical Because of Money

From the very first sentence of the “Introduction,” Nelson-Schmidt make it clear that, “This book is not going to tell you how to become a millionaire from your hobby or your side hustle.”

In fact, as you read on, you find out that this is why she wrote this book. Like most humans, Michelle spent the last few years chasing the dollar instead of chasing joy. And like most humans, she lost her joy in the process. This is a narrative that almost all humans can relate to at some point in their adult life.

And while recent events led her to realize that money isn’t everything, money seems to be a recurring theme throughout the book. From her younger years as a mother with barely any income to her late 40s when she almost loses her business, Michelle narrows in on moments that almost any person can relate to. Part of adulthood is learning the hard lessons of finances and how money can impact your dreams. And Nelson-Schmidt, like almost every adult, talks about that in her book and how it can in fact cause you to lose your joy.

Knowing that you can relate to a book or a character in a book makes it that much more intriguing, at least in my opinion. As I read “Life is as Magical as You Make it,” I found myself nodding over and over again in agreement. So much of what Michelle writes holds true in my own life. That is just part of what makes this book so great…you can easily see parts of your own being within Nelson-Schmidt’s writing.

Sometimes It Takes Grief to Find Joy

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Grief is one of those human emotions that is devastating, unwanted and yet so hard to avoid. As humans we are guaranteed to experience grief multiple times in our lives, whether we want to or not. Experiencing grief is not a choice; our choice lies rather in how we respond to that grief.

Nelson-Schmidt’s book is full of moments in which she experiences grief, disappointment and uneasiness in her own life. She uses these moments to teach her readers that joy can come even from the darkest places, and especially when you are not even looking for it. For her, it was one of these moments that led her to write this book.

She writes in Chapter 3, on page 24,

“When this life-altering, heart-breaking, soul-shattering event happened, money didn’t matter. My people mattered. In an instant I remembered who I was, and I realized I did not recognize who I had become.”

This, one of the most poignant moments in her book, serves as a turning point. After having this life-altering realization, Nelson-Schmidt is then able to go on and share with her readers the ways in which she found her own joy.

Here’s the important thing to note, though: there is no one exact, perfect way to create that magical moment in which you find your own joy. At least that’s the message that I got from her book. For some, it may come in the darkest of times. For some that moment will come, and it will be as if the brightest light shines down on you and you immediately realize what you need to do. With others it may come slowly, through multiple moments…not everyone will see it right away. There is no right or wrong way to find your joy; it’s just important that you recognize it and go for it.

An Author For All

Life is as Magical as You Make It Book Review

One great thing about Nelson-Schmidt’s latest book is that she incorporates her children’s books into it. While she doesn’t put each and every entire book into this new book, she includes the messages from some of her most iconic works.

Anyone that is familiar with the works of Michelle Nelson-Schmidt knows that her children’s books are actually books for any and all people. Even if you’re a 35 year old mother with anxiety and depression, you can still relate to Jonathon James as he encounters his Whatif Monster. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. Are you a 20 year old young man that sees yourself in a way that no others will accept? Guess what, you can find parts of yourself in “Bob is a Unicorn.” Have you found what makes your heart sing in your 40s, but those around you don’t believe in you and put you down for it? As you can probably guess, there’s yet another of Michelle’s children’s books that you can relate to. It’s called “Cordelia.”

Some may say that children’s books have no place in a book for adults. But that’s just not the case with “Life is as Magical as You Make It: Learn to Listen to Your Heart and Find Your Joy.” Because they are part of Michelle and her journey, their place in this book is imperative. By including bits and pieces of her most iconic works, Nelson-Schmidt shows the scope of her audience and her ability to capture the minds of all of her readers, no matter how different they may be.

And in a book that is trying to teach you how to find your joy, this is important. It is important because no two people are the same, and yet we realize that at some point we are all human and all have the same needs.

Go Find Your Joy With Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

If you’re not already looking up Michelle Nelson-Schmidt and “Life is as Magical as You Make it: Learn to Listen to Your Heart and Find Your Joy,” what are you waiting for?!? Head on over to her website to learn all about her. And while you’re at it, make sure you go order her book. You can find it through her website and on Amazon, as well.

Have you lost your joy? Are you longing to find happiness again but you don’t know where to start? Start with a little inspiration and this book. I promise you that it is a great read, and a book that you can easily read over and over again. So go on, go find your joy!


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  • Amanda

    Oooh I’ve never heard of this author before but I love to read. I think I am going to have to check this book out. I’m at a place in life where a book like this might really help me. Thanks for sharing!

    Side note: I’ve got a kiddo (she’s a teen now) with anxiety too and it can be tough. Hugs to you!

    • Meg Flint

      She is a wonderful author! You can find her on socials too. If you do check it out, I’d love to hear what you think about it.
      Anxiety is no joke..hugs to you too!