Meg's Reviews- Elmer's Squishies Activity Kit
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Meg’s Product Reviews: Elmer’s Squishies Activity Kit

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The Elmer’s Squishies Activity Kit has been at the top of my kids’ want list for at least a month now. Every time we pass the kits in the craft aisle at Walmart they ask me to buy it. And every time I have said no. I finally caved on Prime Day, though. And now that we have successfully purchased the kit and made the squishies I am ready to share my own thoughts about the kit.

Are your kids big fans of squishies? Have they ever asked to make their own? If you can answer yes to either one of those questions then you’ll want to stick around and read this review.

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What is the Elmer’s Squishies Activity Kit?

Meg's Reviews: Elmer's Squishies Activity Kit

If you have young children then chances are you probably have a million squishies, too. As a Mom of two kids under 10, I can tell you that we have way too many squishies in our house! One of the main reasons that they exist in abundance in our home is because of the fact that my older daughter uses them as a fidget to cope with her Sensory Processing Disorder and anxiety.

Regardless of the reason for your squishies hoard, squishies are very popular right now. They are so popular that there are even YouTube Channels just about squishies. And now they make kits that allow you to make your own. Elmer’s, the same company behind the infamous glue and the now-popular slime kits, has taken it a step further and created a Squishies Activity Kit. You can find it in most big box stores and online through companies like Amazon.

The Elmer’s Squishies Activity Kit is exactly what it says it is: it is a craft kit containing the supplies needed to make a squishy. And it’s a surprisingly easy kit to use!

Elmer’s Squishies Activity Kit: The Pros

Meg's Reviews: Elmer's Squishies Activity Kit

When I first heard about the kit, I was not excited. I’m not a big fan of slime or anything similar, but my kids love it. But as we opened the Elmer’s Squishies Activity Kit I was actually pleasantly surprised.

Upon first opening the box you’ll see that everything is neatly packed together and ready to go. The instructions are very clear and easy to understand. Every packet in the kit is clearly marked so that you know which to use when necessary. The pictures that are included in the instructions are a bonus. Even your young readers can figure out what to do without major struggle.

The animals are supposed to be a surprise, but of course my kids couldn’t wait. They peeked at the molds before we even started working on the project. With that said, the molds are very kid-friendly and easy to open. A lot of times the containers included in activity kits for kids are very hard to open. That was not the case with the Elmer’s Squishies Activity Kit.

Another “pro” is the fact that they make refills for the kits. Yes, that means spending more money. But that also means that you’re not necessarily wasting the plastic molds by sending them off to the trash right away. You can keep them and make more squishies when you’re ready.

Great for Motor Skills

One thing that I will say about the Elmer’s Squishies Activity Kit is that it’s great for motor skills. My kids are 6 and 8. Sometimes craft and activity kits will be easy for one, but then hard for the other to do. That was not the case with this activity kit. Despite their age gap they were able to participate equally.

Both of my girls were able to open, pour and mix everything that was provided. I was a bit worried that the opening to the molds would be too small, and that they would need help pouring…but I was wrong! They had no problems at all.

Meg's Reviews: Elmer's Squishies Activity Kit

Another reason that these squishies are great for motor skills? They are strong enough to be squeezed, and yet they also provide some resistance to help build muscle strength and control in the hands. I was surprised to see just how well-made they were when they came out of the molds!

The Cons

While there were not many “cons” when it comes to the squishies kit, there are a couple of things worth noting. One, the kit is pretty expensive in my opinion. The main reason I kept saying “no” to buying it was because of the price. Amazon lists the 4-character kit with a typical price of $22.47. When everything else is already so expensive, that’s a pretty big expense for 4 small squishies. Luckily I got it on sale.

Another con was the wait time. My kids had a hard time waiting an hour. And when the hour was up, we found out that we still needed to wait a little bit longer before we took the squishies out of the molds. Once they came out of the molds, they were still a bit tacky to the touch. I know that if my kids drop them on the floor they will pick up dirt and hair in an instant. That’s never fun.

Despite those two cons, I really don’t have many complaints about the squishies kit. It was a lot more pleasant and easy to use than I had expected!

A Few Weeks Later

Meg's Review's- Elmer's Squishies Activity Kit

It has now been a few weeks since we made the Elmer’s Squishies. So far they are still in great shape. I think my girls are being a little protective over them, so that could be why they’re still so pristine. The squishies haven’t gotten hard or dry in anyway.

So far we’ve been keeping them inside their molds. We even kept the cardboard box that came with the kit. It is now the official Elmer’s Squishies box according to my girls.

Meg's Reviews: Elmer's Squishies Activity Kit

Give The Elmer’s Squishies Activity Kit a Try

If you were to ask me right now I would say, yes, give the Elmer’s Squishies Activity Kit a try. If you have kids 6 and up (that’s the age on the box, too), this is a fun and easy activity that they can do in a matter of ten minutes. The squishies themselves may take an hour or more to solidify, but they are adorable when they’re done.

Have you ever tried this kit? Are there other squishy kits that have you used? Let me know in the comments below!