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Monday Motivation: Be Your Greatest Cheerleader

Another Monday morning is here, which means it’s time to provide you with a little Monday motivation. On this particular Monday I am here to advise you to become your greatest cheerleader. If you can’t cheer yourself on, then why should someone else? You have to believe in yourself to TRULY accomplish great things.

Monday Motivation

Grab those pompoms, put your smile on and get ready to cheer! Okay, so we’re not really going to start cheering like a cheerleader at a sporting event. However, we are going to start getting our minds to that place of positivity and strength, both of which you need to cheer yourself on. If you need a little help, try affirmations. I used to think it was a little silly to say the same thing to yourself over and over again. But then I had kids, and that way of thinking went out the window. My 5 year old says affirmations every night before bed, so why can’t you say them to give yourself a little pep talk? Let’s get you started:

“I create my own path.

I live my life to the fullest.

I am an extraordinary person.”

Becca Anderson, “Badass Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women.”

There are so many great affirmations out there that you can use every day. What is your favorite affirmation?

Feed Your Body With Positive Energy

You need positive energy in order to become your greatest cheerleader, and you need a lot of it. I’m not saying you need to be positive and bubbly all of the time. That’s exhausting. But I am saying that you need to find ways to feed your body with positive energy. Whether it’s soaking up some sunshine, enjoying a quiet moment in you cozy place, or making your favorite healthy recipe, there are so many ways that you can feed yourself positive energy.

Monday Motivation: Be Your Greatest Cheerleader
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I love a sunny blue sky on a nice day.

One of my favorite moments each day, and especially on sunnier days, is the ten minute moment during which I sit outside and wait for the girls to get home from school. It’s often a quiet time of the day in our neighborhood. On nicer days you can hear the birds chirping. The warm sunshine landing on my typically colder, paler skin is always a great feeling. In those moments I just sit and close my eyes, resetting my mind and feeding myself some positive energy. Do you have a favorite moment like this?

Have an Amazing Monday

As always, I will keep my Monday motivation short and sweet for you. I hope you have an amazing Monday, and an even more wonderful week. Don’t forget to cheer yourself on as you go through each day. You’ve got this!