Playland Indoor Playground & Cafe
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Playland Indoor Playground & Café: Lots of Fun in One Space

*This post is in no way sponsored, paid for or endorsed by Playland Indoor Playground & Café*

Playland Indoor Playground & Café, located off of Highway 74 in between Monroe and Indian Trail, is a one-stop-shop for all things indoor fun and coffee. The girls and I FINALLY got to visit Playland recently. After months and months of talking about it, it was a very exciting day for us.

An Indoor Playground With A Lot to Offer

Playland Indoor Playground & Cafe

There is so much to look at when you first walk into Playland. While the café is right there at the entrance, the playground itself is arguably the first thing you see. Decked out in all kinds of colorful designs and equipment, the indoor playground is obviously the main attraction for the kids.

There is a reason why it is the main attraction, too. The indoor playground at Playland has several features. According to their website the playground is “[…] over 1,700 square feet” and boasts structures such as slides, tunnels, a ball blaster and more. Plus they have a toddler area, too!

When I asked my daughters what their favorite parts were they said “the four side-by-side slides” (my 8 year old) and “the bouncy U swings” (my 6 year old). They loved all of it, but those are the parts that they still talk about.

There Is Something for the Parents, Too

Playland Indoor Playground and Cafe

The beautiful thing about Playland Indoor Playground & Café is that there is coffee! Y’all know how much I like coffee, so when I found out that Playland has a café in addition to a playground for the kids I was ecstatic.

The day that we visited we were with friends. My Mom friend is a tea drinker while I love my coffee. And guess what?! There was something for each of us! She had the Raz-Jaz Iced Tea. I didn’t get a picture of it, but it was a pretty drink. I enjoyed the White Mocha Frappe. I don’t usually pick White Mocha, but it was actually really good!

Other Great Things About Playland

While the play areas and the café are great, there are other awesome things about Playland, too. When we first paid to enter we were given a loyalty punch card and stickers. The stickers were not just any stickers…they were for security purposes. This made my Mama heart happy. When you get the stickers one goes on the parent/adult, and the other stickers go on the kids. When you leave, they check to make sure that you’re leaving with the right kids. I love it!

Playland Indoor Playground & Cafe also has adorable spaces for birthday parties. The outsides of the rooms look like little cottages, and inside you will find the birthday party space. In addition to these amenities they also have a toddler play area, comfy seats for the parents and plenty of tables to use.

So next time you and your kids are looking for something to do, head to Playland Indoor Playground and Cafe! Before you head that way, make sure you check out their website for all of the important info that you’ll need prior to visiting.

Until next time..