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Provisions Waxhaw: A Great Space in a Quaint Town

*This post is in no way sponsored, paid for or endorsed by Provisions Waxhaw*

Provisions Waxhaw is most certainly a great space in the quaint little town of Waxhaw. I would’ve normally called it a restaurant, but it is so much more than that. Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat, a hot cup of coffee, something to fill your pantry, or a gift for someone you love, Provisions Waxhaw has a little bit of something for every occasion.

A Beautiful Location

Provisions Waxhaw is located in beautiful downtown Waxhaw. I’ve said it to my husband at least twice, and I’ll say it again: downtown Waxhaw looks like it’s straight out of a Hallmark Movie. Its historic buildings, walking bridge, railroad tracks and beautiful street decor make it such a cozy, adorable little town. Provisions Waxhaw is no different. As you walk up to the building, you may notice the historic building marker on the front of the building. And if you don’t see that, the aged brick and bold, white lettering will definitely get your attention.

As you walk into Provisions Waxhaw, the quaint coziness of the downtown scene oozes into the interior of the shop. Several cheerful employees say hello and welcome you inside. Various signs, pictures and posters line the walls. A giant chalkboard menu sits front and center on the wall behind the registers, drawing attention to whatever goodies they’re offering that day. People sit in the dining room, chit chatting with friends and creating a joyful buzz in the air. It truly is wonderful shop.

Delicious Provisions

On the day of my visit to Provisions Waxhaw I knew I wanted to grab something to eat and also explore the area a bit. After a few minutes of perusing the shelves and reading the menu I decided on a cherry danish and a seasonal latte. Cherry is not usually my flavor of choice, but I wanted to challenge myself to eat “outside of the box” that day. It was a good decision, too. The pastry was soft, flaky and sweet. The cherries were not too sweet and not too tart, a great balance. While I had intended to take it to-go, I instead ended up sitting in the dining room. I observed not only the people around me, but also the view. From where I was sitting you could see a lot of the downtown area, cars driving by and people strolling down the sidewalks. It is a great spot for a serene moment of food and a little bit of quiet.

Of course, you can’t have a moment of quiet without a cup of coffee, or at least I think so anyway. The Sweet Autumn, a seasonal latte, was perfect for that moment. With hints of pecan, maple and cardamom, it not only fulfilled my craving, but it also matched the dreary yet beautiful Fall weather that day. While I loved the Sweet Autumn latte, there were several other lattes I was eyeballing. That just means I just need to go back and try more.

Go Explore

Provisions Waxhaw has so much to offer for those passing through town, looking for a neat place to land. Whether you’re in the mood for a comforting bite to eat, a warm drink or a little bit of specialty grocery shopping, I can guarantee you’ll find something you love in that building. And if you don’t believe me, well, you’ll just have to go check them out.

Provisions Waxhaw is located in charming downtown Waxhaw. You can find more information about them prior to your visit through Facebook, Instagram and their website. When you do pop in, make sure you tell them that Meg Flint sent you!