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Saturday Morning Sip N’ Share: Are We There Yet?

Happy Saturday my beautiful people! “Are we there yet?” I’m sure that’s a phrase that you’ve heard over and over again if you have ever travelled with kids. I know I have definitely been the victim of the “Are we there yet?” question myself. So why did I choose that as my theme for this week’s sip n’ share? Because that’s how I’m feeling right now about September and this summer coming to an end.

Time to go grab that coffee, get cozy and get ready to chat. I’m ready whenever you are!

Are We in September Yet?

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I have to say that August is most definitely one of my least favorite months of the year. It is right up there with July. Coincidence that they’re right next to each other? Probably not!

August seems to go by fast yet stretch out for eternity all at the same time. As a Mom I feel the rush to get the kids ready for school and yet I feel like September never comes soon enough. Are we there yet to September? No, sadly we’re not.

August proves to be some kind of limbo month for me, especially now that both kids are out of toddler life and fully immersed into school life. I wrote a poem about that “limbo” and shared it on the blog just yesterday. If you haven’t read it yet then head on over and check it out.

How do you feel when August rolls around? I’m ready to kick my kids out the door and back to school! I need my space and my quiet time, neither of which exist when you’re a stay-at-home Mom and they’re at home with you during the summer. But I also need to squeeze in a few last precious moments with them before the school year kicks back in.

Are You Done Yet?

It’s no secret that I’ve been working hard on my blog and my “brand” lately. This week I put out a new set of dinosaur lunch box notes over in my Etsy shop (everything is 50% off until September 3rd by the way!). I created a new journal freebie for my email subscribers (another reason you should go on and sign up for my email list!). And then of course there’s the blog posts, social media stuff, etc. I even started posting on TikTok again this week!

With all that hard work you’d think my kids would be at least a little happy that it’s starting to pay off, right? Nope. My 6 year old came in yesterday and said to me something along the lines of,

“Are you done working yet? You’re a bad Mommy. You’re not spending enough time with me.”

Ouch. So my husband chimed in, saying that he gets to work so why can’t Mommy. My 6 year old’s response?

“I let you work, Daddy, because you get paid. Mommy only gets paid a little so she needs to stop.”

Ughh…..are we to September yet?

At Least the Weekend is Here

I think that heading says it all…at least the weekend is here! We have a fun sleepover planned for the girls and one of their friends. We have nothing on the calendar other than that sleepover, and it feels great. Busy weekends can be fun, but slow weekends are always welcome.

Are you looking forward to anything in the near future? Have you had any “Are we there yet?” moments this week? I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

Cheers to Saturday, my friends!

Until next time…



  • Amanda

    Oh my! The brutal truth and opinions from kids! It’s a good thing they are cute. Usually! Haha. My “are we there yet?” is in the form of can this move we are doing this summer be there and over with? I’m so over packing, cleaning, painting to try to sell the one we are currently in, and everything else that goes into it. On top of it all my husband is already working at his new job so it’s me and the two teen girls! . Trying to get them to keep things clean and tidy is almost impossible! Help!

    • Meg Flint

      Oh man! Yeah I can barely get my little girls to clean, so I can’t imagine getting teenage girls to clean 😂 Crossing my fingers and sending positive vibes that your move happens soon! We’ll be doing that again in less than two years when we finally buy here in NC and I am not looking forward to it…