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St. Patrick’s Day Activity Freebie: “I Am Lucky…”

St. Patrick’s Day activities are typically fun, full of green, and involve cute little leprechauns. They often talk about tales of rainbows and the folklore behind all of the sparkly green shamrocks that adorn every teacher’s whiteboards. But did you know that St. Patrick’s Day can be used to celebrate thankfulness and gratitude? It totally can!

Think about it…one common theme of St. Patrick’s Day is “luck.” And while luck may not be the reason that you have a great job, beautiful family or the best of friends, it can be turned into a fun little way to practice gratitude.

St. Patrick’s Day Activity: “I Am Lucky…”

When you hear the saying, “I am lucky..” what is the first thing that comes to mind? There’s got to be at least one thing or person in your life that you feel lucky enough to have. I bet the kiddos in your life would be able to list tons of things and people that they feel lucky enough to have around them!

St. Patrick's Day Freebie Example
St. Patrick’s Day Freebie Example

Here’s where the opportunity to practice gratitude comes in: use St. Patrick’s Day to spread the love and tell others why you feel so lucky to have them! I have created a St. Patrick’s Day Activity freebie to share with you. This activity includes cute little shamrocks that say, “I am lucky…” with a space to describe what you’re lucky to have.

For the kids that can’t quite write yet there are blank shamrocks. They can use them to draw adorable little pictures. For the older kids there are lined shamrocks. Think of the Shamrocks like you would a Valentine’s Day card…just fill them out and hand them out. And voila, you’re practicing gratitude even on St. Patrick’s Day.

Get Creative and Have Fun

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I’m the Mom that likes to celebrate ALL holidays, even the smallest and silliest of ones. St. Patrick’s Day might not be a small holiday, but it’s not necessarily a family-friendly one either. Because of that I just find ways to get creative and make it a family thing whenever I can.

Speaking of getting creative…there are several ways in which you can use these “I am lucky..” shamrocks! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Fill them out and stick them to your kids bathroom mirrors so that they see them in the morning.
  • Slip them into their lunchboxes during the month of March.
  • Create a banner with several of the shamrocks. Print them out, fill them in, attach to string…then hang them in your kids room or in a family room.
  • Use them as place holders at the dinner table, making sure to give each family member a reason why you’re lucky to have them in your life.
  • Have your kids fill them out and send them to family and friends.
  • Print them out and use them in the classroom.

There are so many ways you can use these shamrocks to spread love and gratitude during St. Patrick’s Day season. Get creative and have fun!

Let Us Know How You’re Lucky!

I can’t wait to see how you all use these lucky shamrocks! Make sure to leave a comment below, or to share it with us over on social media.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m lucky to have y’all here with me.

Until next time…