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The Truth About Mommy Blogging (For Me, Anyway)

Mommy blogging has been part of my personal journey for about a year now. When I first set out to become a writer in the Mom blogger world I was excited and extremely optimistic. I had seen so many other women embark on the same journey and become extremely successful seemingly overnight. I thought the same would happen for me.

But there’s a truth about Mommy blogging that I wish I had known from the beginning. While this truth may not be universal for everyone that desires to become a Mommy blogger, it is most definitely the truth for me personally. And the odds are that it will be the truth for at least one other Mommy blogger hopeful out there. While I share this with you today it is not my goal to sway you away from this particular blogging niche. Instead, consider it a blip of knowledge to ruminate over before starting the process.

Mommy Blogging Requires Just As Much Work As Other Blogs

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Before entering the niche of Mommy blogging, it is important to note that you will need to do research, planning and building just like with any other blog. Sure, you can start writing whenever you want. But for your Mom blog to be truly successful you will need a business plan…just like every other blog starting out.

Mom blogs tend to be more personal and thought-provoking than many other niches. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require the technical and behind-the-scenes work. Keyword research, SEO (search engine optimization) and thoughtful marketing are just as important for Mommy blogging as they are for any other blog. If you want your website to make money and become an income stream then you will need to put in the extra work.

Mommy Blogging is Not Journaling

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When I first started my Mom blog, I knew that it was meant to be informative and not a narrative. But that didn’t keep me from falling down the ever-so-slippery slope of using my blog as a journal rather than a source for other Moms.

One might argue that a mother-turned-blogger’s personal voice is vital to having a successful blog. I would agree. But personal experience and opinion shouldn’t be the only things gracing the digital pages of your site. When I was considering making the switch and rebranding my blog, another writer gave me a great piece of perspective that I keep close to me now. Your blog should be offering a service to your readers. The blog is a business first, and a blog second. Think about that for a second…if your blog is a business and your readers are visiting your blog to help solve a problem or answer a question, is your own personal journal going to help them out? Probably not.

It is a hard pill to swallow. Moms want to be able to share their experiences so that they can help other mothers out there. The most successful Mommy blogs, however, appear to be the ones that answer questions and solve problems for other Moms. They provide detailed, informative articles. Recipes are shared that help solve the never-ending dinner dilemma. Those Moms also share products that change the lives of other mothers. And while those blogs also share some personal experiences in motherhood, they serve as a guide to motherhood before anything else.

An Extension of Motherhood

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If you’re a natural writer and someone who writes for stress relief, then writing about motherhood when you’re already a full-time Mom can be hard. This has been one of the most influential factors for me personally in regards to rebranding. I’m a full-time stay-at-home Mom. I have been for almost seven years. And while I love motherhood, I honestly don’t want to write about it all of the time.

Motherhood is exhausting. It is a role that consumes not only all of your time and energy, but a lot of your brain space, too. I thought I would be able to write about being a Mom with no issue at all. But I found myself getting burnt out. I’m already with my girls so much….why couldn’t I just give my brain a break and think about something else for while? I had to listen to this gut feeling and give it some consideration.

Before you jump head first into the Mommy blogging world, you should consider this for yourself, too. Will you need a break from day-to-day Mom life when you write? Is Motherhood something that you can write about for potential years down the road? If you’re not sure, try writing about motherhood for a while before you get started with your blog. If you love it then you’ll at least have several articles sitting and ready to go!

A Subject to Be Confident About

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I am not always confident in motherhood. And to write about motherhood, to tell other Mothers that you can help them through some of their hardest times…well, you’ve got to be confident what you’re preaching.

If you decide to become a Mommy blogger, you don’t have to blog about all things motherhood. Pick the area that you are most confident in. It could be cooking and organizing a household. Or you may be most confident when it comes to dealing with trauma and stress in motherhood. Whatever it is, make sure you 100% believe in what you are saying and sharing. Your audience will look to you for guidance, so make sure you stand by what you’re sharing and selling.

So If Not Mommy Blogging, Then What?!

The Truth About Mommy Blogging (At Least for Me)
-Meg Flint

So, no, Meg Flint is no longer a Mommy blog. As much as it pains me to write that, it is also very freeing. I love being a Mom, but I don’t always love writing about it. I’ve done a lot of soul searching and I’ve grown a lot as a woman over the last year. My blog is growing with me, and I am super proud of that.

Going forward, Meg Flint is now a coffee and crafting blog. That’s right…Brew, Create and Caffeinate with Meg Flint! I am so excited. Kid content will still be a part of my blog, but now it will come to you in the form of kids crafts and kids craft reviews.

For those of you about to travel down the Mommy blog path, I wish you the best of luck! I always love finding a good Mom blog to read and share with others. If you were to give other Mom bloggers advice before they start their journeys, what would you say? Let me (and them) know in the comments below.

Until next time,