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What I Learned from Failing…And How I’m Winning Now

Yes, you read that right. My first attempt at blogging didn’t work out. But “failing” has allowed me to learn a lot of new things about myself and about blogging. In fact, so much so that I would almost say I’m winning now. What am I winning you may ask? A fresh start, for one.

Not Dwelling on the Past

Starting a blog has taught me a lot of things; things about myself, about my strengths, and about blogging itself. Eastern Shore Eating was a lot of fun when it started. It brought me opportunities that I didn’t even know existed, such as writing for Frugals Coupons. It got me back into writing again after taking many years off. Eastern Shore Eating also gave me the courage to go out and explore the places on Delmarva that I had always admired, but never actually visited.

But despite all of those awesome experiences, moving to North Carolina made Eastern Shore Eating almost impossible. While being eight hours away from Maryland made writing about Delmarva restaurants challenging, it also made my ambition diminish. I found myself questioning the purpose of my blog and how I was going to keep it going. My focus became scattered and so my niche was almost nonexistent. It was over the last month that I realized something had to change.

Change is Hard, But Don’t Give Up

Change is hard. Admitting you need to change is even harder. Change can cause a person to question everything about themselves and what they’re doing in life. While I found myself excited about the change of location, I also found myself questioning who I was in this new place. Fortunately, I have a husband that still believes in me despite my struggles to continue Eastern Shore Eating. He sat down with me one night and asked how the website was doing. I had to be honest…it wasn’t doing well at all. Something had to change.

Things to always remember

Now is the time that I begin to implement that change. Eastern Shore Eating is permanently ending. While I am sad to close that chapter, I am also excited to use that experience to grow something new. I tell you this now: I am not giving up. Instead, I am moving forward with something that I think will be truer to who I am as a person and a writer.

Say Hello

Say Hello to “Meg Flint: Messy Mother. Messy Moments. Beautiful Life.” Over the next few weeks, will transform and change into While I continue to share my love for food with you, I also plan to cover lots of other things that are true to who I am and what I love. Meg Flint will cover four very broad topics: parenting, food, fun and adulting. If you love or relate to any of those things, then I can guarantee that my content will still resonate with you.

I hope you stick around and join me, Meg Flint, on the next step of this journey. Without you, I wouldn’t be here in the first place. And without you, I can’t continue doing what I love. I thank you all so much for all of your support over the last seven months. Cheers to winning, learning, and new beginnings!

-Meg Flint