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Alice Jules Coffeehouse: A Coffeehouse for the People of Monroe, NC

Alice Jules Coffeehouse is a name recognized by almost any resident of Monroe, North Carolina, and with good reason. Located in the heart of downtown Monroe, Alice Jules is a locally-owned coffeeshop serving up fresh brewed coffee, handcrafted drinks and delicious pastries made locally. And while they are known for their sweet treats and buzzingly good drinks, they are so much more than just a coffeehouse.

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve written a coffeeshop feature. Coming back from such a long hiatus, it only made sense that I pick a coffeehouse that is more than just coffee. Alice Jules Coffeehouse fits that niche more than any other coffeeshop that I’ve been to since moving to Charlotte. And so it was only fitting that I jump back into features with a piece about them.

*This post is in no way paid for, sponsored by or endorsed by Alice Jules Coffeehouse*

A Coffeehouse for the Community

The counter at Alice Jules, where crafts made by local children hang proudly above the service counter.

One of the first words that comes to mind when I think of Alice Jules Coffeehouse is “community.” There is a good reason for that, too. If you take a quick peek at their social media posts, it’s pretty clear that they’re a coffeehouse for the community. With weekly events for children, fundraisers and other community-centered groups, Alice Jules and its staff are almost always present and active in the local community.

But it doesn’t stop with the events and fundraisers. Alice Jules, its owners and its staff have this beautiful way of making you feel like you’re family. They share personal updates, both hardships and celebrations, with the community through their social media. Although I’ve never come right out and introduced myself to Kent (more on that later), his presence in the shop and his warm personality still make it seem like I’ve known him for a long time.

The warmth I described above has also been embraced by his staff. Any time that I walk into Alice Jules I know that I will be greeted by some of the most bright, cheerful people that I could ever encounter in Monroe. They almost always have a smile on their faces and a friendly cheer in their voices. It might sound too good to be true, but I promise you it is not. If you haven’t been to Alice Jules Coffeehouse, I dare you to head on over. Without a doubt you’ll see the same warmth and sense of community that I see every single time.

Get Some Coffee at Alice Jules Coffeehouse

A delicious latte from my last visit.

While Alice Jules serves up great spirit, they also brew and craft some amazing coffee. I’ve been privileged enough to try a few drinks from there, and I have yet to be disappointed. Each season and/or holiday, the staff lists their drink favorites on the chalkboard behind the counter. While I love traditionally brewed coffee, I almost always end up choosing one of the drinks featured on the seasonal board. They are almost always unique, and definitely always delicious!

A beautiful sight for any true coffee lover!

One other thing that I appreciate about Alice Jules Coffeehouse? They sell their own unique blends and roasts of beans right there in the store! Even if you’re just stopping in for one drink, you can purchase bags of Alice Jules beans to take home with you as well. But guess what? It gets even better than that…you can purchase their coffee online, too!

From what I’ve seen, it’s pretty obvious that their coffee is loved by the community. Almost every time I’ve been in there, no matter what time of the day, there is someone waiting for a fresh cup of coffee. On any given day you can walk in and find friends chatting in their dining room, sipping on warm or cool drinks and chatting about life, all while enjoying a sip of something yummy. You might even see someone munching on a fresh pastry while they working quietly at a laptop or sit a table with a group of friends. No matter what the occasion or drink, there is always something for everyone to enjoy at Alice Jules Coffeehouse.

More Coffeehouse Features to Come

cup of coffee
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I am so glad to be back with the coffeehouse features. Coffee is a part of my daily life in more ways than one. It’s been a part of my life since I was just a kid, and so to be back on here and sharing great coffee with you is a dream come true. Even more of a dream? Sharing other amazing coffee people with you, too!

That note above…if I haven’t disclosed it before, I traditionally don’t introduce myself when I’m out scouting coffeehouses. Despite being an introvert, I also keep a low profile because I want my experiences to be as authentic and as uninfluenced as possible. So now that I’ve done my feature on Alice Jules, I think it’s time to introduce myself to the owners and staff 😊

Next time you’re out and about in Monroe, NC, do me (and yourself) a favor…stop into Alice Jules Coffeehouse. I promise it will live up to every expectation and more. You truly can not find a more genuine and delicious place for a cup of coffee and a warm smile. Oh, and tell them Meg sent you!

Until next time…


What Coffeehouses Should I Visit Next?

Monroe, Charlotte and surrounding North Carolina areas….I need your help! Please comment below with your favorite coffeehouses and cafes. I’m even on board for tea houses, too! Let’s get as many of these amazing coffee joints featured as possible. Thanks!