Crooked Creek Park
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Crooked Creek Park: A Playground for All Seasons

*This post is in no way sponsored, paid for or endorsed by Crooked Creek Park/ Indian Trail Parks and Rec*

*Updated July 27, 2023

Before moving to Monroe, we discovered through our searches that there would be A LOT of playgrounds and parks around us. With two kids under ten, this was and still is super appealing and exciting. Because of things like colds (yup…it’s that time of the year!) and unpacking, we haven’t gotten to explore much yet. But we did visit our first playground recently at Crooked Creek Park, and it was awesome!

A Great Location

Crooked Creek Park is located in Indian Trail, North Carolina. It is not too far off of the beaten path. Located in the same complex as baseball fields, trails and an ADA accessible playground (amongst many other awesome amenities), it has something for people and kids of all ages. On the particular day that we visited there were games in session, birthday parties at several pavilions, and a parking lot full of cars. Everyone was ready to enjoy a beautiful Fall Saturday.

The other great thing about Crooked Creek Park’s location is the trees. They provide some amazing cover and shade. While we were at the playground, I couldn’t help but notice that almost every part of the playground was at least partially shaded by tree cover and/or pavilions. This is super beneficial for summer play dates at the park, and for days when the sun is beating down without any clouds to veil it. The other great thing about the park’s location? The bathrooms are literally right there in the middle of the playground area. And by in the middle, I mean even on the inside of the fence. If you’re a parent of smaller children, then you know exactly why this is so appealing!

Adorable Woodsy Theme

The playground at Crooked Creek has an adorable woodsy theme. As soon as my girls saw it they let out “Ooohs” and “Ahhs” because they were so impressed by what they saw. The main centerpiece of the playground boasts a tree-trunk like exterior. Instead of a rock wall, it has a tree branch wall, challenging kids to climb their way up a “flight” of tree branch stairs. Don’t worry, there are several slides and swings, too. The coolest swing located in the playground, in my opinion, is the older person-baby tandem swing. I think it’s so awesome that a parent can sit there and swing with their baby, rather than having to push them. It’s a great way to see those adorable baby smiles! It’s also a great way to push two kids on the swing at one time.

The main thing that made my older daughter smile was the zipline. The zipline is probably one of the most popular attractions in the playground. At any given point you can look over and see a line of kids, some waiting patiently for their turn. My daughter easily went six times or more, despite her initial fears. Now whenever we’re looking for a new playground to visit and explore, the first thing she asks is, “Is there a zipline?.” It obviously leaves a lasting impression.

An Update: More Crooked Creek Park Fun

We have been back to Crooked Creek Park several times since I first wrote this article in the Fall of 2022. It is hands-down one of our favorite parks in Union County.

Since the Fall of 2022 we have had the chance to visit the ADA accessible playground and the splash pad. I can now tell you which parts of Crooked Creek Park my children love the most. Their favorites? The zipline, the ADA accessible playground and the exercise equipment. While they liked the splash pad, they did say that it was a bit cold for them. I honestly think they just like swimming more than getting splashed over and over again.

Whenever we go to the woodsy themed playground my oldest will stand in line over and over again for the zipline. It is definitely her most favorite thing in the park. My youngest loves to challenge herself to be brave and go down the tall slides. She also loves the swings.

When I say that Crooked Creek Park has a lot to offer…they really do have a lot to offer. And I think that’s why we love it. You never get bored because there is always something different to do!

Ready to Explore More

If you’ve never been there, I highly suggest you go! Like I said before, there really is something for everyone of all ages. If you want to check it out before you go, you can find a map of the park and a list of its different amenities on the Indian Trail website. Indian Trail also holds several pop-up events at Crooked Creek Park throughout the summer, so you’ll definitely want to check those out!

Crooked Creek Park is located in Indian Trail, North Carolina and is maintained by the Indian Trail Parks and Rec. Find them on both Facebook and Instagram, where they post several things such as closures, events and more. I hope you enjoy the park like we did! Know of other great parks in the Charlotte suburb areas? Make sure the drop their names in the comments below.