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Saturday Morning Sip N’ Share: July

July is just days away from being over with! I’ll be honest…July is probably my least favorite month of the year. It’s hot, I don’t want to go outside, and I have two children that are constantly “bored” at home (despite their many, many toys). This July was a mix of fun and hardship. And since it’s Saturday, I think we should talk about it!

You know what I’m about to ask…do you have your coffee? Are you in a comfy spot? If so, let’s get started! Thanks for joining me for another Sip N’ Share.

July: The Ick

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Let’s just get the icky stuff out of the way. July has been hot. Everyone says North Carolina is so hot and humid, but honestly it has reminded me a lot of the hot summers on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We have had several days this month where it has been 90° or higher. And being the January baby that I am, I just stay inside. I will say, though, that I am so grateful for our neighborhood pool for this very reason. If the kids need to burn energy and the weather is great, we just head on over and jump in!

The second icky thing about this particular July? Sickness. Once again sickness has been in our house and it just doesn’t seem to want to leave. I talked a little bit about it last week. We came back from Florida mid-July with coughs and they are still here hanging out. My oldest has kicked hers for the most part. But my cough still lingers, and it still lingers for my youngest. I’ll give it one more week of lots of water and using the nebulizer before we head to the doctor and say, “Make it go away!” Yes, I know it’s not that simple. I’m also hoping it’ll be gone before I have to resort to meds.

The last icky thing: my husband’s travel. I manage pretty well when he’s gone, but it sucks that he has been gone so much this month. Out of all of July he was gone for probably 15-ish days. Fortunately I’m pretty independent-minded, but I still miss his help and companionship when he’s gone. And of course the poor guy is exhausted! I know I wouldn’t want to be on a plane back and forth that much.

July: The Good

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Despite all of July’s ick, there has been plenty of good, too. For one, the girls and I got to visit my sisters and their families back at the beginning of the month. In case you didn’t already know, I am the oldest of three girls.

My girls and I traveled to Florida where we got to stay with my younger sister, her husband and their girls. Also staying with them? My youngest sister, her husband and their dog. It was a full house for sure. But it was also full of laughs and fun. My younger sister and I only get to see each other maybe once a year, while my youngest sister and I hadn’t seen each other since 2020. We all live so far apart that it is very rare for us to be all together at one time in the same place.

The other good part of July has been my own personal progress. My progress as a writer, a blogger and an individual…all have grown tremendously. A few of my articles are showing up in the top 100 for their keyword on Google Search. I have finally started making a tiny bit of money (eek!). My new deals group is growing and I have already made sales there. Everything that I have been doing over the last 7 months with this blog and its social media presence is finally starting to pay off! It gives me hope…hope that is much-needed since I am forever doubting myself and my abilities. But that doubt is starting to go away, too.

The last good thing about July? July means August is almost here, and August means my kids go back to school! Haha! Please, don’t say the whole “oh, you should cherish every single moment with your kids while they’re young. Why would you want them to go back to school?” Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed our extra time together this summer. But as a stay-at-home Mom, summers mean that less gets done around the house. It also means that you are at home with your kids 24/7 while they whine about being bored and while they try to beat each other up every five seconds. If you think I enjoy whining and sibling carnage…stick around and get to know me better.

Lots of Hope for August

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As August rounds the corner I am filled with hope and excitement. I can’t wait to see what progress lies ahead for my blog and my writing. Knowing that the girls go back to school soon gives me a sense of peace and hope that we will soon return to a more stable routine. And of course with August almost here, that means my favorite time of the year (September-February) is right around the corner!

What do you look forward to in August? Are you sad to see July go? I would love to hear your answers in the comments below!

As always, thanks for hanging out with me on Saturday mornings. You are an integral part of my blogging family, and I couldn’t do it without you. If you want to be connected with my blog and brands in other ways, make sure to subscribe to my email list and to join me over on my social media channels!

Until next time…