The Union Exchange: My New Favorite Family Spot
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The Union Exchange: My New Favorite Family Spot

*This post is in no way sponsored, paid for or endorsed by The Union Exchange*

The Union Exchange in Monroe, North Carolina is officially my new favorite family spot. A friend introduced me to it recently, and since then I’ve already taken my family there to visit. Guys, when I tell you that there are so many things to love about The Union Exchange…there really are SO MANY THINGS. From the amazing views to the friendly faces, you will feel right at home at The Union Exchange.

A Little Bit of Everything at The Union Exchange

Looking at the Union Exchange you would never know that it is only a little over a year old. The main building where the store is located boasts a small artisan market, a coffee and tea bar, delicious pastries made by local bakers, and ice cream straight from local creameries. There is also beer and wine for those that want a little drink while relaxing on the beautiful lawn of the farm. It doesn’t stop there, though.

The Union Exchange: My New Favorite Family Spot

Attached to the back of the exchange is a spacious pavilion with several picnic tables and rocking chairs. It is the perfect spot to sit and chat with a friend while enjoying a delicious bite to eat. There are other areas scattered throughout the property where you can sit and enjoy the scenery, as well. Whether you’re in the mood to use one of the two fire pits, or you’re in the mood sit and watch your kids play on the playground, there really is room for everyone. And there’s something for everyone to do, too.

So far my kids would tell you that their favorite things are the goats and the playground. They love that they can run around and explore, interacting with some of the animals and meeting new friends. They’ve only been to The Union Exchange one time so far, and they are already asking to go back. It is truly a gem for family days outside and gatherings with friends.

It’s More Than Just the View

In addition to the great views and vast areas to roam, there are several other things that you’ll love about The Union Exchange. First and foremost, let me start by saying that the family that owns and runs the farm is so friendly! I would call them “staff,” but they’re so much more than that. In the two times that I’ve been there, I’ve encountered at least four of the family members. Each encounter has been over the top with great conversation, wonderful customer service and amazing attitudes. You can truly tell that they love and are proud of what they are creating there at The Union Exchange. And they should be!

In addition to amazing people, you can also find several events at The Union Exchange throughout the year. If you love pop-up markets and food trucks, you can find those throughout the warmer seasons. If you want to keep track of their events and add some that interest you to your own calendar, definitely check out their website. They keep their calendar up-to-date with all of their awesome events. Looking for a great place to hold a wedding or a private event? They do a lot of those, too. Just imagine the gorgeous photos you would end up with if you had your wedding at their farm.

Head On Over to The Union Exchange

The Union Exchange may be a bit off of the beaten path, but it is super easy to find. They are located right off of New Town Road in Monroe, North Carolina. If you want to check them out a bit before heading their way, you can find them through their website, Facebook and Instagram. When you stop in, make sure you tell them that Meg Flint sent you!

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