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Saturday Morning Sip N’ Share: Creating

Good morning friends! Here it is, the first Saturday in November. The weather this week has been cool, windy and beautiful. And the time changes tonight. The year is literally flying by, and before we know it December will be here.

The last few weeks or so have been strange for me. If you’re a returning reader then you’ve probably noticed my Sip n’ Shares haven’t been as consistent. I apologize for that. I’ve found myself in this strange space where my energy is low, my aspirations are high and my brain is quite a jumbled mess. Despite all of that, though, I’ve found something beautiful within myself. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Go grab that coffee! I’ve already drank my first cup, but I have a feeling that today I will go back for a second. Did you get cozy yet? Awesome! Let’s chat…it’s definitely been a while.

Creating Things Other Than Blog Posts

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where your energy is low, your brain is so full of things that you block it out, and the days just seem to go by in a complete blur? That’s kind of how it’s been for me lately. I’m sure I could attribute it to a lot of things. My kids have been sick, I’ve been pushing myself to try some new hobbies and ventures, and my chore list at home is a mile long. I’m still on anti-depressants, so I don’t feel like I’m depressed. But perhaps my overflowing plate is just exhausting me mentally as well as physically.

But the beautiful thing in all of this is that I’ve found a new hobby that I love. I’ve been learning how to create macrame projects. It has kind of overwhelmed me and inspired me in a way that I haven’t experienced in a while. In case you don’t know, I have an Etsy shop. And so now that I have this new hobby, I may also have a new business venture. In fact, I added my first macrame piece to the shop earlier this week!

Saturday Morning Sip N' Share: Creating

Unicorn Macrame Dreamcatcher

With the creation of my coffee-themed journal coming to a close, I find myself inspired to create more content like that as well. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should! It’s available on Amazon and would make a great Christmas present for the coffee lovers in your life.

Saturday Morning Sip N' Share: Creating

The 5-Minute Coffee Break: A Coffee-Themed Journal and Activity Book for Coffee-Loving People

When Creation Leads to Inspiration

In the last few weeks I wrote a piece about finding inspiration as a stay-at-home Mom. With all of this creating going on lately I have found myself feeling more inspired to get back to myself. Being a Mom, and being a stay-at-home Mom at that, is really hard. We lose ourselves in the day-to-day tasks of taking care of other people, all while forgetting to take care of ourselves. For me personally, I’m pretty good about advocating for myself. But what I struggle with is maintaining my sense of individuality while also being a stay-at-home Mom.

Some might say: Umm, all Moms go through that. Yes, that’s true. But I’m a very independent person. I like being alone and I do really well working by myself. I love my husband and my kids, and I love my time with them, but I also really like my time being alone. And I know that I am not the only Mom out there that feels this way.

In all of these recent moments of creation, I keep seeing the small glimmers of my independent self coming through. It’s inspiring. Those are the moments that keep me coming back to my blog. They are the moments that allow me to feel like a person rather than just some vessel for love and care for other people. So if you’re wondering why I chose “creating” as my theme for the week, that’s why. In these moments of creating new hobbies and projects I am also continuing to create myself little by little. As a Mom that is also a human (duh), that’s pretty darn important.

What Are You Creating?

As I wrap up this Saturday’s sip n’ share I want to ask: what are you creating? Whether it be something physical or just really great memories, I want to hear about it. It’s a great time of the year for creation, especially when it comes to memories.

Are you creating something within yourself? I know that there are others out there that are searching for something within themselves. Don’t worry, you’ll find it at some point. It might be really hard, but if you keep looking you will find yourself again.

I hope you all have a great Saturday, and an even better November! Oh, and don’t forget to change your clocks tonight. I’m sooooo looking forward to that “extra” hour of sleep that I won’t get haha. My kids will definitely wake up earlier rather than sleeping in!

Cheers my friends! Until next time…