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Finding Inspiration As a Stay-at-Home Mom

Finding inspiration as a stay-at-home Mom can be challenging. I’ve been at a stay-at-home Mom for almost 7 years now. While at times it can be an inspiring and rewarding role, it can also be downright hard. I think it’s safe to say that as stay-at-home Moms we do just about anything for our kids. It is our job to make sure that they are fed, loved and well taken care of. And a lot of times we can get lost in these routines.

Why is inspiration important for a stay-at-home Mom? Because Moms are people, too! Underneath “Mom,” messy hair, sleepless nights and lots of snuggles there is a woman that is still trying to find her way in the world. Without inspiration and encouragement, days can become long and people can ultimately become numb or depressed. Sometimes we need inspiration to keep going. Other times we need inspiration to push to new levels of individual being. Whatever the reason, stay-at-home Moms still need that glimmer of inspiration every now and then.

As a stay-at-home Mom myself I am constantly looking for and noticing inspirational moments. They keep me going on otherwise blah days. And Moms…I’m here to tell you that you need to look for them, too.

Gaining Inspiration From Our Kids

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"Finding Inspiration as a Stay-at-Home Mom"
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As much as my kids can drive me crazy and present me with huge challenges, they can also present me with huge inspiration. My girls are currently 8 and 6. And as tiny and young as they may be, they are some pretty inspiring little people. I would dare to say that a good 80% of my inspiration comes from them.

So how do you find inspiration in your children? Look at the things that they achieve everyday! Whether small or big accomplishments, children are constantly overcoming hurdles. They are still discovering how to become individuals in an insanely big world. It is one of the most inspiring transformations to watch.

For me personally, I often find inspiration in differenty ways from both of my girls. With my oldest I am constantly inspired by her change, persistence and growth. She has been through so much in her short 8 years. But recently I have found inspiration by watching her push through some tough sports and personal goals. She’s about to run her first 5k next month…at 8 years old! That alone has inspired to get out and push myself to walk more. Who knows, maybe I’ll even walk the 5k with her.

My youngest has inspired me in bits and pieces over time. At 6 years old she is finding her voice little by little every day. Every time she speaks up for herself or she’s brave enough to talk to me about something that is bothering her, I get warm fuzzies inside. I love watching her confidence grow. It inspires me to become a better example, especially in regards to my own self-confidence.

Finding Inspiration Through Every Day Moments

Every day life can be chaotic when you’re a stay-at-home Mom. Finding inspiration as a stay-at-home Mom through the every day moments can be a little bit harder, but it can be done.

Have you ever found yourself driving down the road and you think of a moment from your life that makes you smile? That can definitely be a moment of inspiration. Or what about the random signs that you find while out and about in the world? One of the first times that I went into therapy I noticed a sign on the sidewalk and boy did it stick with me. Little moments like that are the types of moments that I’m talking about.

Finding Inspiration as a Stay-at-Home Mom
The sidewalk sign outside of my therapy.

There could be so many examples of every day moments that I can’t possibly list them all. Pay attention in those random, quiet moments though. You may be surprised at what you can find that will light a fire within you.

Finding Inspiration Through Other Moms

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When it comes to inspiration, other Moms can be so inspiring! Because we live in the age of crazy advanced technology, we can watch other Moms and learn from them simply by following them on the internet. Thanks to TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms, it is so easy to find other Moms that have encouraging, positive messages to share.

While I don’t always go looking for other Moms to follow, I will often stumble upon them as I mindlessly scroll through social media. Every now and then I will find one with a message that resonates with me so deeply that I instantly hit the “Follow” button. Some of my favorites are Diary of an Honest Mom, Juggling the Jenkins, and Big Little Feelings.

But honestly, Moms don’t have to be social media famous to be inspiring and encouraging. Look in your local Moms group on Facebook. I see soooooo many posts where Moms just pour love from themselves into other Moms. It is so encouraging to see that a community of Moms still exists. Look at your Mom friends, too. I guarantee you that they can and will inspire you at some point.

Finding Inspiration Through Movement

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When I tell y’all that some of the best inspiration can come from movement I really mean it. There are so many ways that you can get in some movement as a Mama. Lately I’ve been taking walks again. I know not all walks will look the same for every stay-at-home Mom. Depending on what stage of motherhood you’re at, it may involve loading the babies into a stroller and heading outside. For me, I can put some music on, put an ear bud in, and head out while my girls at school. The fresh air, warm sunshine and peacefulness of being alone can all provide great inspiration.

While walking is great, dancing can be so liberating. When’s the last time you put on some fun music and just danced in the kitchen? My girls and I do it all of the time. Not only is it fun, but it can kind of waken your body up and have you feeling “alive” again. Often times I don’t realize how tense or rigid I am until I start dancing with my girls.

So next time you can get out for a walk or you can find another way to get yourself moving, make sure you do it. While you be able to find happiness through your normal couch snuggles or family movie nights, you’re going to feel more energized and alive after a moment of movement.

Finding Inspiration Within Yourself

As a stay-at-home Mom, finding inspiration within yourself can be the most rewarding. Recognizing your accomplishments and staying motivated and encouraged as a result is one of the most gratifying ways to become inspired (at least in my opinion).

Moms, don’t think that being a stay-at-home Mom means that you can’t be inspiring and motivating. When you believe in yourself and you recognize that what you are doing is great, you can also inspire those around you.

If you’re still not sure how you can inspire yourself, think about these examples. Did you meet your exercise goal of the week? Awesome! Use that as inspiration to keep pushing forward. Did you get out of the house to spend even the smallest amount of time with friends? Amazing! Use that as inspiration to give yourself more friend time in the future. Take your smallest achievements (and your biggest ones) and be proud of what you’ve done. It’ll inspire you to do more in the future.

Keep On Finding Inspiration as a Stay-at-Home Mom

While it may seem like stay-at-home Moms don’t need a little push or inspiration in their daily lives, I’m here to tell you that we totally do. Just because we’re Moms doesn’t mean that we’re not individuals with goals, dreams and other aspirations. Each day I feel myself trying to become more than what I already am: a better Mom, a better wife and a better writer. Whatever the reason, stay-at-home Moms just need to be inspired occasionally.

In what ways do you find inspiration as a stay-at-home Mom? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time..